Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tumble, tumble

Yesterday was Broden's first tumbling class!

We went last week to check out the gym and he wanted to start that day. We signed him up for a trial class to see if he would really like it. That trial class was last night.

Since this would be his first time involved in some sort of class outside of church that wasn't a mommy-&-me class, I made sure to speak about it frequently throughout the day to get him geared up and ready for it.

My efforts weren't much help. He was fine until it came time to line up for class. That's when the waterworks and leg clinging began.

He spent about 40 minutes of the 45 minute class standing next to Kyle watching the other kids participate. It wasn't until the instructor introduced the marshmallow pit that he decided to give the class a try. 

We talked about the whole ordeal after class and he has decided that he wants to give it another try. Although, he did say that he's still probably not going to like the stretching part of class for a while. Hopefully after a few more classes he'll warm up enough to enjoy all that the class entails.

Vada will be starting her Beginning Girls Gymnastics class next Tuesday. She is very excited! She's already started practicing her flips on my bed, making me realize that as long as they're in gymnastics I will probably always have a disheveled looking bed.

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Stlrzfanatic said...

Could he BE any cuter?!?!?!