Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for Kids

With holiday music playing in the stores, and Black Friday quickly approaching (yes, I'm one of THOSE people) I have been thinking more and more about Xmas (that's right. I take the "Christ" out of Christmas and make it Xmas). My kids know that this year, with a little sister on the way, gifts will be limited and only one toy on their list will be purchased by us. We have given our family a $100 per person Xmas budget. This, of course, does not include stocking stuffers. I've never really put a limit on the total amount spent on stocking stuffers. I like to keep each item under $5...$12 max. How many items in each persons stocking just depends on how bulky the stuffers are.

This year, these are my top ten picks for kid stocking stuffers:

1. Toothbrush

I know what you're thinking: She probably hands out dental floss at Halloween too. No, we actually don't hand out anything because we go trick-or-treating with the kidlets.

Believe it or not, my children actually get excited over new toothbrushes. I mean, there are so many options out there. You never know which one you might find in your stocking. Will it have a tongue scrubber on it? Is it one that requires batteries? Does it come with a toothbrush cover/case? So many options!

2. CableDrop Cable Clips

Weighing in at less than $2/each, these would be loved in my household. The kids could attach them to their nightstands for their iPod charger cords. If we couldn't find a use for the others around the house (they come in a pack of six) I'm sure Kyle could use them at work.

Now that Vada is finally beginning to really reading, this is a given. She can use it in the car during road trips or on nights when she wants to read herself to sleep. It would also come in handy during  story time in Broden's room. His ceiling light and bedside table lamp don't cast the best of light to read by.

4. Art Supplies

Things such as crayons, kid-friendly scissors, paintbrushes, finger paints, etc.

My kids love doing arts & crafts (Vada just recently so), as I am sure many others do as well. So, anything to utilize their creativity would be well received.

5. Mittens or Gloves

Kids are notorious for losing one glove somewhere. When Vada was about four years old, I'm pretty sure I bought her about six new pairs of gloves in one winter because she kept coming home with only one. I even bought her two sets of those mitten clasps that are supposed to prevent lost gloves, but she would lose those too. We finally reached the point where she just had to start wearing mismatched gloves.

With this being stated, is it any wonder that this makes the top ten list for kid stocking stuffers? I make sure to buy black if possible. Red would work too. Any colors that allow either boys or girls to wear them. That way, if both gloves in a pair survive an entire season, they can be handed down to the next child to lose.

6. DIY Treat Coupons

I used to love making these for my mom and dad when I was younger. They are just slips of paper bound together in some way, shape, or form (you could get really fancy and use large popsicle sticks - all decorated and nice) with a favor or treat written on them. The recipient can redeem them whenever they would like. Some restrictions apply. They can be used for anything from "extending bedtime by 30 minutes" to "one day off of a certain chore". I think Vada would LOVE this gift. And the best part: it doesn't cost moolah!

7. A New Ornament for the Tree

Woodland Creatures Ornaments from Crate and Barrel

This one is perfect for me since I am slowly building up our collection of coordinating ornaments. Without spending too much money in one year, I am attempting to switch our Xmas decor over from a-little-bit-of-everything to woodsy-nature-plus-red-and-white. A new ornament in each persons stocking that fits our newish theme is one way of accomplishing this. And this year, especially with Broden's obsession with mice, it should be just as pleasing to them as it is to me.

8. Starbucks Gift Card

If your children, or other children you know, are anything like my kids then they would be ecstatic to have their very own Starbucks gift card. Then, when someone wants a pastry to go along with their drink, and I say "no, it's too expensive", they can whip out their card and say, "Psh. I got my own money."

9. Fun Shapes Ice Cube Trays

Found here.

My kids are suckers for ice cube trays that make funky shaped ice. They like them in their drinks. and also just to suck on. I've found small enough trays that would fit in a stocking at Bed Bath and Beyond.

10. A Disposable Camera

In this day and age, some kids may have to ask what it is when they pull it out of their stocking. They may even ask, "So, where do you see the picture after you take it?" But trust me, they'll have fun with it. It's always exciting to go pick up your pictures from the local drug store to see how they turned out. Especially when you didn't have the opportunity to edit or delete any before developing.

If you want to make sure you aren't going to spend good money of developing photos of kitchen cabinet close-ups or your dogs back, include along with it a list of things to find and photograph. Make it a sort of treasure hunt. That is what I will be doing.

These are ten of my personal favorites. If you have time, let me know of stocking stuffers for kids that would be in your top ten. I'm open to new ideas and suggestions.

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