Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top Ten Habits to Scrap

After reading a fellow bloggers post, "10 Habits of Highly Organized People", I was thinking about some of the habits that I have that do NOT benefit my pocketbook, my health, my family, or my sanity. Contrary to common belief, I am not perfect. I know! I was just as shocked as you are. So, I confess to you my:

Top Ten Habits to Scrap A.S.A.P.

1. Buying an item just because I would be getting a killer deal.

It took thinking about the post mentioned above for me to realize that I do this. I will be walking through Target and catch a glimpse of a pretty little notebook sitting on the clearance end-cap dawning an orange $0.90 sticker. I think to myself, "Oh, that's cute. It's only $0.90?! What the heck, I'll buy it. It's always good to have notepaper handy." Then I arrive home and realize: Wow! I already have 20 blank notebooks sitting in the cabinet waiting to be used. Why did I buy this one again?

It's a weakness, pure and simple. My linen closet is currently holding three indoor/outdoor through pillows (one bright yellow, one bright green, one a deep teal with a peacock on it) that I bought at World Market for a bargain. They were on my couch for about a week before I decided that they didn't work so well with my decorating style. And boy, the good they are doing sitting at the bottom of my linen closet.

I need to learn to walk away.

2. Starting a big project, but then taking AGES to finish it.

If you have been to my house within the past five months, you will have noticed the big purple splotches on paint on my dining room wall. Well, for your information, that wall is no longer bedecked in purple chickenpox. I FINALLY decided that I didn't want to go purple on that wall and have painted it the same tan color as the rest of the living room.

That is how a lot of my big, labor-intensive projects go. I start out super motivated, then life comes in and says, "You can either finish this project OR you can go have a double date at the movies tonight...OR attend all three church functions this week...OR...". I usually choose the option that involves more of a possibility of adult chit-chat and less possibility of me falling off of a ladder.

But, my husband can vouch for me here, I get completely annoyed every time I am reminded of the unfinished project. I become a grump and mentally beat myself up for not maintaining that motivation I had at the beginning and just getting it done.

3. Having good intentions, but not following through.

I have had boxes of instant Hawaiian Punch packets sitting on the counter in my laundry room for over a week now. The intent of purchasing those boxes was to send them to my Marine brother in Afghanistan, along with a batch of cookies or other treats. Do I have a box to ship everything in? Yes. Can I afford to ship them? Yes. So what is stopping me you ask? It's the fact that I forget that they are there until I'm in the middle of another project (such as writing a blog post) or out running errands, or I have five kids under my care and I don't want to load them all up to take them to wait in a 20 minute line at the post office.

I also have this scrapbook kit that I have been planning to put together for a friend in need of some support for nearly three weeks now. I can't bust out that project when the kids are awake, or else when I walk away for two minutes to empty by bladder I will come back to see Broden got an itch to use his new scissors...on a finished page, or practice writing his shapes...on the cover of the album. Though, by the time they are in bed I am absolutely exhausted, and with the energy I have left, all I want to do is sit my booty on the couch and stuff my face with some Pirate Booty while catching up on Parenthood. I even fail at that half the time by falling asleep 10 minutes into the show.

4. Laying down with the kids at bedtime for "just a minute".

Where I first go wrong is snuggling under the covers to read the book. Then I'm a sucker for "mom, will you lay with me for a little bit longer?" It just about always results in me falling asleep. Which then results in Kyle having to wake me up. And I am a MONSTER if you wake me up. That is why I set an alarm to wake me up in the mornings. It's hard to get angry at an inanimate object. Although, it can happen. A few broken objects, due to someone's anger at them, live in my memory.

5. Changing my mind frequently when it comes to decorating.

I KNOW what I want. I know that one day I'm feeling very tranquil and would love for my home to feel like a spa. Then the new Pottery Barn catalog comes in the mail and I want every room to look like it came straight out of the catalog. Then the West Elm catalog comes in and a little more of a modern touch is really appealing. Then we watch a renovation show on HGTV and I'm all set to have that exact house. Needless to say, my home is very...eclectic. Not necessarily in a good way.

6. Letting sentimental value get in the way of decluttering.

Kyle and I both have this problem. There are t-shirts that I have to do some SERIOUS convincing to get him to donate. Even if he hasn't worn them in two years or more. Me however, good luck trying to persuade me to give up my childhood stuffed animals. Tenderheart will forever have a place in my home.

7. Forgetting about clothes in the washer.

I don't know how many times I have had to rewash a load left in the washer for an entire 24 hour period. A few times I have tried throwing them in the dryer anyway, but the mildew smell didn't disappear like I was hoping it would. It kills me to know due to my forgetfulness I am wasting water, energy, and inevitably money every time I forget a load in the washer. Ah!

8. Popping my knuckles.

Supposedly, so I heard from a little bird, it's not as bad of a habit as was once believed, but it's still a rather obnoxious one. I think I tend to do it out both habit and boredom. It's to the point where sometimes I will try to pop my knuckles, but since I had popped them 30 seconds ago nothing comes of my second attempt. Vada has even picked up on this habit. Ugh. I've tried having her slap my hand every time she catches me in the act, but that didn't help much. I just found myself hiding from her so I could quickly pop them before she figured out what I was doing.

9. Allowing my patience to be pushed too far.

This I do in an attempt to be a good mom or wife, but I really need to learn exactly where my limit is. Driving along in the car, Kyle will begin heavily tapping the steering wheel to the beat of a song. It annoys me, but I do my best to ignore it. That is short-lived. Then I tend to just snap, "STOP!" without a fair warning that it is driving me NUTS.

Same goes for the kids. I try to tolerate Broden using me as carpentry practice with his plastic hammer while I'm doing the dishes, but after so many times of having  him miss my calf and hit my ankle bone I tend to bark at him to quit rather than gently asking him the first time to hammer his workbench instead. 

10. Agreeing to let others help.

This has been one of my biggest down falls for as long as I can remember. The saying "if you want something done right, do it yourself" has been a motto that I live by. Therefore, I try to do everything myself. From cleaning to laundry, crafting to decorating, etc. When tackling a project, I generally have a very detailed vision of how I want it to turn out, and how it needs to get to that point.

Delegate? What is that?

My lack of faith in others to "do it right" often leads to me stressing out, scrambling to get a project finished, or just allowing whatever it is to be completely neglected until I know I can dedicate my full attention to it (which is a rarity). I need to learn to be more accepting of people's offers of help, and not be so held back by the idea that the minutest details may not be done exactly to my personal standards.

Lots to work on. If you have nay advice on how to help me overcome any of these habits I am open to suggestions. Just letting you know now that I am not one for animal sacrifices to the gods, or anything of the like. So, if that is a recommendation of yours, thanks but I'll pass.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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