Monday, November 12, 2012

It's a...

That's right. Lil' Mc is a baby girl! In honor of the excitement, this Top Ten list is dedicated to all-things-for-baby-girl that I can't wait to get my hands on, make, or at least dream about getting my hands on or making, for Lilly...or Phoenix...or Alice. It's early yet for name picking.

Now, this item I KNOW is a dream. Ever since I first set my eyes on an iron crib in a baby boutique I have been in love with the idea of owning one. With Restoration Hardware being renown for quality furniture, I can see this being an item worth hanging onto for my children's children. That's only if I could convince Kyle that it's worth the attic space.

The down sides to this crib being (1) the price tag of course, (2) the fact that it doesn't convert into a toddler bed, and (3) it is rather feminine if we do decide to try for kidlet #4 and we are blessed with a boy.

2. Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat - Vance

Picture borrowed from

This car seat scored high on the 2013 Best Baby Car Seat comparison for safety, ease of use, features, and help & support. 

We're still debating on whether or not an infant car seat is really necessary. We still have Broden's Britax Marathon car seat which is still in great condition. However, Kyle mentioned how much he loved being able to just pull the infant car seat out and tote it around if Broden was sleeping. No having to wake him up every time we got out of the car when running errands. I will agree, it was handy. And purchasing a second base to keep in Kyle's truck would make switching cars ten times easier. As with the crib though, I have a hard time justifying the money spent on an item that would only get a years use out of it.

3. Apron Towels

Found on at BLISSFULPatterns

When I first stumbled upon this on Pinterest my first thought was: why didn't I think of this?! This is one of the most genius ideas ever. I found it incredibly worrisome trying to hold a wet baby, which is the equivalent of trying to keep a good grip on a cube of jello when your hands are covered in vegetable oil (something I have never experienced, but I can imagine would be difficult), while reaching for a towel and attempting to get your baby all wrapped and snug inside of it. With this amazing invention, you can slip it on before getting baby out of the tub, pick up baby securely, hold her tightly against your body with one hand while simply lifting the towel up around baby with your other hand. BAM! No heart attack! I want twelve of these in girly prints.

4. Crochet Floral Baby Blanket

Pattern can be found at Etsy store: adikeren.

Adore! I don't know how to crochet, but I am hoping I can get someone wonderful to crochet this blanket as the baby's comforter. Seeing that Vada's comforter was sewn by my grandmother and Broden's comforter was sewn by my mother, I can't bring myself to purchase a bedding set that wasn't handmade. This blanket just screams girl, and it's a great way to incorporate all of the bedroom colors into one comfy creation. I guess I have four months to learn how to crochet, but I would probably have to make about twenty of them before I could make one as perfect looking as the one pictured. I hear crocheting is much easier than knitting, but my patients level in learning how to knit didn't last long before I gave up. So, after blanket failure #1, I would throw the crochet hook in the garbage and search for something similar, or enlist my mother to sew together some other beautiful creation.

5. Cloth Diapers in Feminine Prints

Bumkins Stuff-it Cloth Diapers

Kyle and I haven't discussed much about which way we would like to go as far as diapering goes. Cloth or Disposable? There are pros and cons to both, and cloth diapering can initially be expensive, but I hear they turn out to be much cheaper and less harmful to the environment in the long run. If we do choose to go with cloth diapering, having the variety in girly prints will be fun.

6. Felt Wall Flowers

Find these here.

I cannot wait to make these for above the baby's dresser! In red of course. They would solve the problem of lack-of-wall-decor in their room (Broden and baby will be sharing) and they would give her something pretty to look at while getting a diaper change. They look relatively easy to make, although a couple of mine will be a few inches bigger than in the tutorial (link below the picture).

7. Flower Headbands

Think Pink Boutique

If time allows, I will be making several headbands similar to these for baby. The band itself isn't obnoxiously wide, and the flower won't be as big as her head. They will be dainty and feminine. If I can't get around to making some myself, I will have to cave and buy them from Think Pink Boutique's Etsy shop.

8. Tutu's

Scrap fabric skirt/tutu from Lullaby Birds on Etsy.

When tutu's as other-than-ballet attire started becoming popular, I kept wishing I had a little girl to put them on (we all know Vada wouldn't be caught dead in one). Now is my chance. Although, I have noticed that lately they have become pouffier and pouffier. I like the look of a simple pouf, with minimal ruffles. The skirt pictured above is absolutely adorable. I'm thinking it can't be too hard to make one myself.

9. Mary Janes

Toms Mary Janes

Nothing is more classic girl than black Mary Janes. A must. Although, these will have to wait until she's walking. My personal opinion, shoes on infants who aren't walking yet, or even standing, is rather pointless and ridiculous.

These would suffice until she's walking:

Trumpette Mary Jane socks

10. Hair Accessory Organizer

DIY Tutorial for the above bow holder

Something similar to the one above. I could possibly designate one of her small dresser drawers to hair accessories and such, but that's not as fun as sticking them on display. Although, Broden might appreciate them being tucked away. Hmm...? I'll just have to make him a hat rack for his caps and beanies. Something such as:

(minus the 3M hooks,
adding maybe some dyed clothespins) 

This, with a decorative front

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