Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super rare pregnancy update - Week 21

I haven't posted much about the pregnancy thus far, but just know that being pregnant in your late twenties is much different than being pregnant in your late teens. The nausea. The headaches. The exhaustion. All of the things that were practically non-existant with my previous two pregnancies made a famous appearance during the first trimester with this Mini Mc.

This past weekend's Halloween Party.
Juno & Bleaker.

Now, at week 21, the headaches still like to sneak up on me from time to time, but overall I'm feeling rather fantastic. The bellybutton has begun to poke out, and the jeans stay unzipped (thank goodness for the BellaBand). I can feel him/her wiggling around in there, and Kyle can faintly feel his/her movements from the outside. So far, everything is perfect.

Next week is the big anatomy scan! If Mini Mc wants to cooperate, we will be able to tell if we can start saying "he" or "she". Also, if I can start buying tutus or suspenders and bow ties. I'm also pretty excited to find out which way I can go with the nursery/Broden's room. If we're having a boy, I can totally boy up the joint. If we're having a girl, it will be a little more tricky incorporating boy AND girl without too much of one or the other, but I'm up for the challenge.

A question that I am frequently asked: do you want a boy or a girl? Honestly, either is fine by me. Healthy is my vote. Kyle is leaning towards the boy side of the boat, but he wouldn't be disappointed with a girl. It's the difference in diaper changes that gets him a little anxious about having a girl, but I assured him I would provide him with the proper training..."start at the top and wipe down". As for my gut instinct, I have a twinge of a feeling that it is a girl, but only time will tell. Eight days to be exact. I was convinced that Vada was a boy until my first ultrasound, so I've learned not to be too trusting of my intuition.

Next Thursday evening, after we tell the kids of the doctors medical opinion on whether Mini Mc is equipped with an "envelope" or a "pencil", I will post the news. Just because I know you will have a hard time thinking of anything else until I do so. Oh no, I think my McClelland might be showing!

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