Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Moment to Breath...I Think

As always, the dry stint in posts is due to utter chaos in the Mc Clan household. Most of it is good chaos, but it is chaos none-the-less. This is, by far, the busiest summer I've ever had. I do not want another summer that is ever this busy. Ever.

Granted, I am to blame for 90% of the things that consume our schedule. I really do try to keep things logged in the calendar on my phone, but often times I forget. When forgetting takes place, you tend to offer your time, money, and patience where you don't have much leeway to offer them.

To set the mood, I begin with letting you know that on Memorial Day weekend Kyle and I decided to give our baby-making skills another shot. Now, this may be something only women can truly understand, but trying to conceive a child is very stressful. Every time "the deed" is done you find yourself wondering every .5 seconds whether that was the magic moment. Am I really ovulating? Should I do a handstand against the wall to help the little guys out? Should we try for the third time today just to make sure we're not missing any second of an opportunity? Then come the symptoms that you're not quite sure if they really are symptoms. I feel it something I ate, or am I pregnant? I have a I coming down with something, or am I pregnant? I'm really that because I only acquired 4 hours of sleep last night, or am I pregnant? You see! Very stressful.

That same weekend we decided to go camping. If you know me, I am not an excellent camper. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be an excellent camper. I TRY to be an excellent camper. But I'm just NOT an excellent camper. I am not a fan of going potty where it's a possibility that someone could just wonder upon my bare bottom squatting awkwardly over a small shrub, or in a stinky outhouse where when you lift the lid you could possibly catch a glimpse of the logs left by the 100+ people before you. Having your hair and clothes smell like campfire the first morning you wake up in your tent isn't too bad, but after that, it's just not pleasant. I feel like I only have a couple free hours when I'm not cooking, or I'm not cleaning up from cooking. In those couple free hours, I have hopes of reading my book, but then the fact that I have kids snaps me back into reality and that book just sits on my lap or chair feeling deprived. What I dislike the most: setting-up and breaking-down. It's so time and labor consuming. Especially when it's only a borrowed tent, and one person thinks they're helping by doing one thing, but they're really just frustrating the other person because they're not doing what they know the other person should be doing. So, there you have it. We went camping and I am NOT a fan of camping.

Kyle and I also volunteered our time and energy into the VBS program through our church. While I love interacting with children, and Kyle loves interacting with young adults, this was very energy-sucking with everything else we had going on. Meetings to attend, people to contact, ideas to conjure up, lesson plans to put together, shopping, creating, etc. And I was just a mere teacher's assistant! Maybe it was so stressful because I was also in charge of prepping the Lord's Supper with a friend for a month AND teaching the preschool class every Sunday and Wednesday (still currently assigned to that task). All of these things individually would have been fine, but having to do them all simultaneously was a bit much.

Kody packed up and moved to San Jose to start his college career. Yay to him for being brave and moving out of state! So many kids in Reno, Nevada choose to stay here for college. Then only about 2% of them land jobs out of state. The rest get stuck here, even if they don't want to be. Seeing that it was impossible for him to fit his entire bedroom into his little car, we planned a trip a few weeks later to bring the rest of his stuff. All of his stuff still didn't make it to San Jose, but who needs to park their cars in the garage anyway.

Vada decided to vacation with her grandmother for two whole months. During this time, Kyle and I decided to makeover Kody's old bedroom, turning it into Vada's Very Own Room (pictures to come). That task took longer than anticipated with everything else we had going on, but it's only just shy of being completed.

I have taken on the job of caring for two children two days a week. I love having play pals for Broden. I believe it's really teaching him a lot about sharing and how to handle certain situations, and prepping him for a younger sibling. Having three little ones all day is a lot of work though. It's all about keeping them busy and not allowing them to get bored. No, I don't feel the need to have to entertain them every second, but they do need a change in activity every 30 minutes or so. I have come to appreciate parks on a whole new level. Oh, and nap time.

Let's see, then there is also doing the bills weekly, planning and preparing meals each night of the week, softball games to attend, mini weekend road trips, household chores, yard work, baby showers and birthdays to plan, baby showers and birthdays to attend, baby showers and birthdays to shop for, books to read for book clubs, friends to email and call, church camp to shop and plan for, "deeds" to be done, pregnancy tests to take, and a slew of other tasks and responsibilities added to the list. All of that while constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, wondering when you're going to get pregnant.

Whew. My anxiety level is rising just typing all of this out.

Hopefully this summer is beginning to slow down now. I feel like it has, but I still have Broden's birthday party to organize and host, a teeny-tiny trip to Oregon to take, another month and a half of teaching the preschool class at church, a dining room, bedroom, and bathroom to paint, 4th grade homeschool materials and lesson plans to buy and put together, and whatever else shoots our way. I feel like I should maybe request prayers for my sanity...?

Oh, and I almost forgot, I AM PREGNANT! If you're my friend on Facebook, then you probably already know this, but incase you're not...BAM! The entire month of June was torturous because all FIVE tests I took, over the span of two weeks, after missing my "girl time" came back negative. It wasn't until the third week in July that a test came back positive. We're guessing I'm about 9 weeks, but we have an appointment coming up to determine more accurately than my body signals how far along in the pregnancy process I really am.

So, add to the list the following items: daydreaming about nursery, think up names for baby, internet and store shopping for items needed, and morning sickness (which hits randomly throughout the day).

Peace be with you and your family, and may it eventually make it's way into mine.

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