Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fourth Grade Science

With third grade coming to an end I have begun to order Vada's fourth grade curriculum. So far, the subject I am most excited about is science.

Our third grade science program didn't prove to be of much success, which was probably my fault. Many of our experiments didn't turn out the way they were supposed to. I believe the scientific term for their outcome is: flop.

For fourth grade I have decided to go a different route. Vada is one of those kids who is happiest when outdoors. When the weather permits, she would rather work on her math worksheets on the back patio as opposed to at the kitchen table. She has no fear of getting her hands dirty.

As for myself, I try to be as environmentally conscience as I can. I reduce, reuse, & recycle, and buy eco-friendly products as often as possible. It frightens me to think of how wasteful and careless we have become on this planet. How that will affect our children, and their children, and so forth.

Those things combined encouraged me to choose environmental science for the topic of Vada's fourth grade science curriculum.

I have purchased Planet Earth, written by Kathleen M. Reilly, as our textbook. I have read great things about this book and cannot wait to get a jump-start on the activities inside. What makes this book extra special? It is printed on 100% postconsumer recycled paper. The printer of this book, McNaughton and Gunn, is a part of the Green Press Initiative. These two things, along with the raving reviews and the "Look Inside" option on, make this book irresistible.

While searching the web for environmental activities for kids, I stumbled across this blog: It may not be jam packed with activities, but it wouldn't be a bad blog to visit on a monthly basis.

Another website I have become addicted to: I have found many helpful posts at this website in the past, and would enjoy checking it out with Vada by my side. What made me fall in love with this website? In several different posts they assure you that it's impossible to be perfectly "green", and if you attempt to be "green" in every aspect of your life 100% of the time you will drive yourself crazy. It's true. I have stressed myself out a number of times trying to EVERYTHING "green".

Check back here towards the end of August, when our environmental adventures begin. I can't wait to document our activities! 

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