Friday, April 13, 2012

A Tribute to Spring

Here is a fun little craft that my sister-in-law and I did with our kids last Friday (this and dying eggs is what kept me from my blogging duties).

When I found the idea for these cute toilet-paper-roll bunnies on Pinterest (in sweet pastel colors) I thought, "Those are cute." Then once we made them in these rockin' colors I couldn't stop staring at them thinking, "Oh Mylanta! I could just gobble these up! They're too adorable!"

Now, around these parts we don't celebrate Easter. I try to ban the word "Easter" from my vocabulary altogether, but sometimes it slips out due to habit from my childhood. Sneaky little devil. Seeing that we're not Pagan's, but yet we're not Catholic, we chose to meet halfway. In the Mc Clan, we don't call them Easter baskets. We call them Spring baskets. And we don't call them Easter eggs. They're just hard boiled eggs that we jazz up in pretty spring colors. And to answer your question, no, we don't fill our children's heads with the idea that some giant pink rabbit broke into our house to poop out jelly beans on the kitchen table and left a basket full of goodies to apologize for it either.

Since Spring had decided to show it's smiling face (briefly), and we have noticed more roadkill bunnies off to the side of the street lately, I decided these would be the perfect springtime craft for the kiddos.

With three wee-ones, we took 3 toilet-paper-rolls (each cut in half) and one paper-towel-roll (cut into thirds) and divided them so each child would have 3 bunnies to create. The ears were cut out of cereal boxes. Once the body and ears were painted and dried we super-glued the ears onto the inside-front of the bodies. The eyes: scrapbooking brads. The noses: larger brads than the eyes, or buttons. Whiskers: 3 staples on each side of the nose. And voila! Bunnies complete.

They can be used simply as decoration, as egg stands, or, what I used them for, candy holders. To make them candy holders I purchased mini paper cupcake liners, filled them with Eiffel Chewy Bon Bons and Trader Joe's Mini Peanut-butter Cups, and set the liners gently behind the ears.

They made the presentation of the kids' Spring baskets complete. The kids LOVED seeing them dispersed around their baskets!

Maybe next year I'll let red paint be in the mix and we can make zombie roadkill bunnies. I'm loving it!

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