Thursday, March 22, 2012


I would like to take up this space on the World Wide Web to publicly apologize for my last post (which has been deleted to keep innocent minds innocent).

It has been brought to my attention that it violated some comfort zones. I have no qualms with being frank on certain issues, and I often forget that not everyone is as open as I am.

My post entitled "What?!" was just me blurting out what popped into my head. It was not meant to corrupt young minds, or to give people the inside scoop as to what happens when my bedroom doors close. It was simply me stating the shock I had when really paying attention to the words in the songs that the youth of our generation listen to daily. Sometimes multiple times per day.

This is my public apology, a repentance if you will, for any offense taken by the words in my last post. I will do my best to be more reserved in the future. Although, do keep in mind, as I stated above, that I can be a person of frankness. I don't have a problem with calling things as I see them, though I will make much effort in keeping my ramblings suitable for young eyes. If doing so proves too challenging for me, I will change the settings on my blog to display a warning message before readers can continue to my blog.

Peace out.

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eejsmiley said...

Well, you know what I think of this. I don't think a public apology - let alone repentance - was necessary. This is your space. We love you for who you are and that includes your frankness. I do think it is a good idea to maybe use some warnings in the future. You are not corrupting anyone. You are wonderful!