Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update on Homeschooling

As many of you know, a few weeks into the third grade, I decided to school Vada from home. It was a big decision that I was rather nervous to make. So many questions ran through my mind. What about her social interaction with other children? What if I teach her the wrong way of solving a certain math problem? Will this effect her chances of being admitted into the college of her choice? Will Brad EVER give Angelina the boot and take Jen back?!

While it took us some time to find our groove, I believe we have finally figured out a system that works best for the both of us. The only area in which Vada still feels a small void is in the friend department. She still remains friends with one little girl from school, but other than that, her social interaction is limited to church and whichever city-sponsored class she chooses to be a part of each month (for now, it's drawing). I attempted joining a local homeschooling group, but that turned out to be unsuccessful. Most of the "field trips" weren't organized for all of the kids to be together as a group, and both Vada and I felt secluded during the ONE that was (especially when one of the moms was nice and chatty until she asked me a question that allowed her to put together how old I was when I pushed Vada out of my vagina).

I have been toying around with the idea of enrolling her in a charter school of sorts. The problems I have come across with that idea is that they are either too expensive, their educational standards are poor, or they don't provide free Starbucks coffee for the parents on Friday mornings. I have also thought about enrolling her back into the public school we're zoned for, but I really disliked the way things were going there, and how they were handled. Vada isn't too keen on that idea either. While she wants to have friends to play with, she doesn't want to "be around all of those bad influences" (her words, not mine. I swear!). I will admit, she was surrounded by some pretty worldly girls. It's sad really.

Another thing that diminishes my confidence in homeschooling is when I feel criticized about my decision. There are so many people out there that, when they find out Vada is homeschooled, ask "why?!", with this look of disgust on their face. As if I had just told them that I make her eat dog poop for each math equation she gets incorrect. How's this for an answer:
Because I was getting fed up with my daughter being physically and mentally abused during recess while the duty teachers stood around chitchatting about those delicious cupcakes in the teacher's lounge. Because I don't think it was fair that my child had to teach her peers how to do their assigned classwork, just because she finished hers before everyone else and the teacher was too busy entering information into the computer to do her JOB. Because I was getting sick and tired of answering questions like "mom, what is a condom?" to a THIRD GRADER. Because ever since I pulled her out of that school, her attitude has practically vanished.
I like knowing exactly what my child is being taught. I enjoy being able to work in God and biblical history into her lessons. I love being able to jam out to Two Door Cinema Club while making banana bread with her when she completes her school work before lunch. All in all, I love this experience, and I know she does too (even if I won't let her start the day off with watching one episode of Suite Life on Deck).

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