Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello again.

Months! It's been MONTHS since I have posted on here! You may want to call me a slacker, but I assure you, I am far from. No, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back here; I'm just simply trying to give you a bit of understanding.

If stating that I have a 17-almost-18-year-old, an 8-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a husband to take care of isn't enough, then let me tell you that the past few months have been jam-packed with parties and party planning (birthday, boot camp send off, etc.), church gatherings, teeth pullings, decoration making, dish scrubbing, laundry washing, dusting, fly killing, iced tea making, meal cooking, rule enforcing, weed pulling, planting, homeschool planning, schoolbook shopping, bulletin board decorating, potty-training and much, much more. I'm surprised I can find time to sleep and read a few pages in my book everyday. Well, to be completely honest, there are times when I flat out ignore things I should do just so I can get a little shut-eye, but that's usually only after I have had five consecutive days, or more, of hitting the ground running in the morning after a night of stress-inducing dreams and being woken up at least once, but usually twice, by one or both of my children.

Do I hold the record for longest paragraph containing only two sentences?

I am so busy in fact that I have begun forgetting things that need to be accomplished. I even forget to look at the calendar in order to remember. Vada gets easily frustrated at my forgetful mind, yet likes teasing me about it the same time.

The majority of Vada's text books

Notebooks for completed school work
All of this may worry you as you recall that I  mentioned homeschooling up there ^ somewhere. It definitely hasn't made it a breeze, but it's going well. I have a weekly lesson plan typed up and printed out that has saved a lot of time and stress this week (our first week on this new adventure). Today, both Vada and I have concluded that schooling goes along much smoother when she has had a full ten hours of sleep. When she misses her eight o'clock bedtime, the following day is filled with her getting frustrated with me, me getting frustrated with her getting frustrated, and her getting even more frustrated with me getting frustrated with her being frustrated. It's a vicious cycle that causes the day to mutate into one big horrible blob of horribleness. Hopefully we will get the hang of things within the next few weeks.

When I began contemplating homeschooling Vada I made it perfectly clear that I would need some extra help around the house. Broden's naps would no longer be filled with doing laundry and sweeping the floors. Instead, his naps would be consumed with grammar and reading lessons. While help has been given around the house here and there, it's about the same amount of help as I was receiving before. Sometimes it's less. I do not say this to accuse my family members of household negligence. I simply say this so you can try to understand just how full my days are. I have done the dishes for the past three days when only ONE of those days was actually my assigned "dishes day". I have taken out the trash four times this week (they are small bags) because the full, tied-off bag of garbage on the step in front of the door wasn't a big enough hint to "take out the garbage". I am constantly being asked to remember things for everybody else, yet don't understand why because I can't even remember my own things.

If you have never been a stay-at-home parent, then I don't think you can understand. Those of you who have never stayed home as your "job", in which you earn NO cash-o-lah, like to think that we stay-at-home parents sit at home catching up on our television shows or keeping up with our friends wall posts on Facebook while chowing down on chinese take-out, and at the same time the kids are playing nicely in their bedroom. While at least one of these days a month would be nice to have, this is so far from the truth as one could get. If we mention something that we have watched on TV it was at 10:30 at night when we have gone through every bedtime-stalling kid gimmick in the book and we are just now sitting down to fold three baskets of laundry but need Steve Carell's voice to keep our eyes from shutting against our will. Even as I am typing this I am teaching Vada that you must add es to form a plural noun when the noun ends in s, sh, ch, x, or z, and playing golf with Broden in the dining room.

I feel as if this has all been me whining in blog format, but really it's just a piece of my autobiography. The one I'm working on when I'm not vaccinating stray animals or finding homes for foster children.

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