Friday, June 10, 2011

Arizona Vacation...In Photos

I have secretly been dreading this post. Mostly because I told myself that I would still blog while in Arizona visiting my family and friends, but I neglected my blogger duties. I chose instead to lie in the morning sun, to sit on the patio and read while the kids played in the water, to cook healthy meals for my grandparents, and to stay out late enjoying the company of friends I rarely get to see.

It's been OVER A MONTH since my last post, and I suppose it's time to get back on the horse. Good thing I don't get paid for this right? Well, maybe some day...if I can prove I'm dedicated enough to post at least once a week, while on vacation or not.

I've spent the past couple days thinking about whether I should do one giant "Summer Arizona Trip 2011" post, or break it down gradually. To be honest, I still haven't really decided...until right...NOW. Okay, I just titled my post. So, as you already know, I'm going to do a run-through of our Arizona trip in photos. LET'S DO THIS!

Settled on the plane & ready for Phoenix

Petting the stingrays at the Phoenix Zoo

Broden's first haircut, compliments of Grandma

Many trips to Red Mountain Park

The GIANT treehouse structure at the Children's Museum of Phoenix.
I was daydreaming about building one in our backyard.

At the Arizona Science Center,
where the Monster Stomach was the main attraction for the kiddos.

Playing on the back patio

Celebrating Bethany's 13th birthday, red velvet style.
My Mother's Day gift. One strand for each child.

My new obsession: Potato Barn.
Not to be mistaken for Pottery Barn.

And to bring our wonderful trip to an end,
we spent the last day at Sunsplash.
Quick and simple. My preference...on weeknights.


Lenora Fitzsimonds said...

Looks like you had a great trip!! I love the pics. of Vada and Broden sitting at the park. So, you got a bracelet tattoo? Always love reading your blog.

Alex said...

Lenora: I did get a bracelet tattoo, and I love it! Jonathan from Black Lotus in Gilbert, AZ did an excellent job. And thank you for reading my blog. It makes me happy to know that people enjoy reading it.