Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Few Things to Cover

What a manically crazy weekend. I know, it's Wednesday, but it's taken me this long to recover from it. Please have pity on my soul.

It all began with Friday.

Friday was a little hectic from the get-go because I knew Broden would not be getting a nap. When I know this ahead of time my body automatically goes into defense mode. Things are good until about noon, which is when the plastic golf clubs start getting swung at animate objects and whole body fits commence. Why wouldn't Broden be getting a nap? Good question. That is because Vada had an assembly just after the start of school in which she would be receiving an Achievement Award, then an early release due to the fact that it was track off day.

"Vada is a meticulous mathematician whose patient persistence pays daily. Marvelous math Miss Snyder!"

But wait, did you catch that? Vada received an Achievement Award! Let's take this time to honor my favorite daughter.

After picking Vada up from school, along with a friend from her class (which was a little situation within itself. Let's just say: unplanned), we decided to run a few errands. And this is how they went: we drove half way to Lowe's just for me to realize I completely spaced to measure our front door, we went to Walmart (where I was enlightened in the "Vada's Friends" department), and our last stop was Raley's (quick and painless). Errands, check. Dinner, check. Girls going with Kyle to his softball game, check.

With Kyle and the girls at his softball game, Broden and I took the opportunity to cruise around the neighborhood in his new wagon. Well, I wasn't in the wagon. I was pulling because I lost at Paper-Rock-Scissors. He may only be 20-months old, but he's one fine competitor.

Saturday. We spent Saturday running all over Sparks. After taking Vada's friend home, we went to Lowe's late Saturday morning to purchase a few items (since I was a dung head on Friday), and to meet our brother-in-law so we could steal our niece for the afternoon. From there we dropped Vada off at a birthday party, went to Home Depot for the things Lowe's didn't have, grabbed a bite to eat at Quizno's, met up with my mother to hand Broden off to her so he could be there when she picked my dad up from the airport, went home for two seconds, picked Vada up from the birthday party, went to see Reed High School's performance of Hairspray, and went to my parents house for a belated birthday dinner in honor of Kyle. We didn't get home until...well...late.

Sunday. After morning church services we did an early Mother's Day lunch at my parent's house since myself and the kids will not be here this coming weekend. Once we were done eating, we went back home so Kyle could hang some blinds and install our attic ladder. Much of my efforts went to trying to convince Kyle NOT to hang the ladder because I had scheduled for someone to do it for him on Tuesday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I was getting so frustrated with him that I just spilled the beans. That didn't change his mind. It just further motivated him, as if hiring someone to install it would take away his manhood.

Then comes Monday. The weekend may have been officially over, but the busy schedule was not. Kody  and I had dentist appointments at 10 A.M. to get cavities filled. Yes, Kyle, I had two cavities from not flossing. Hardy-har-har. Bite me. Anyway, after we successfully had our teeth drilled into and veins popped, I chose to have Kody run some errands with me rather than take him back to school. My little way of saying, "Hey, I like spoiling you too." We had plenty of laughs about what people must have thought about us speaking with our hands over our mouths and not being able to say clearly any word containing the letters M or B. And Kody was rather impressed with his organizational grocery skills (it looked like this in the cart too):

Then there was yesterday, Tuesday. This was my cool down day. We only left the house once, and that was to snatch some frozen yogurt from Yogurt Beach.

Hammock Time

I have become obsessed with the Retro Camera App for my new iPhone 4, incase you haven't noticed.
We spent the day relaxing on the hammock, watching a couple movies, jumping on the trampoline, and only doing the chores necessary for the day.

Today will consist of more time consuming chores while tomorrow holds the promise of last minute errand-running before we take off for Arizona on Friday.

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