Monday, April 4, 2011

Since the Sun Is Shining

Man, I have been such a computer slacker this past week or so. For that I apologize. It's just, with this beautiful weather that we have been having I find it very difficult to sit my butt down to dilly-dally with electronics when I could be chalking up the sidewalks with Broden or doing some Spring cleaning in capris and a tank-top.

I've also been busy tuning up my craftiness. It's been getting a little rusty sitting unused in the basement of my mind for the past few months. The reason I dug it out was because Vada came home about two weeks ago with a note from her teacher explaining that the theme for their classroom's basket that will be placed in this years Basket Auction is "Made In Nevada". My first thought was: No big deal, I'll run down to the nearest little antique shop where there is no doubt some woman who rents out a booth, places an antique-looking table in it and sells homemade soaps and bath salts placed in Kerr jars purchased from Costco and purchase a few of them. Then a couple different thoughts hit me: (1) Why should I do that? I hate stepping into "antique shops" where at least five booths have not one antique/vintage item in them WHAT-SO-EVER, (2) I find it rather disturbing using homemade bar soap when I have no idea what kind of home it was made in (I'm the same way with potlucks. I keep an eye out for who brought what.), (3) and why spend the money when I could probably whip up something fairly cute out of things I already have in my craft stash?

That's when I came up with the bright idea to make a reusable grocery bag out of some left over material my mother gave me. I examined one of the reusable grocery bags I had in my car and figured it would be fairly simple, and it was. After lots of measuring, eyeballing, and flat-out guessing I popped that sucker out in just a few hours total. One of my measurements was a little off, but the bag is still functional. I will admit though, I cheated on the hemming tape. Instead of doing it the old fashioned way, I bought the iron-on kind. Partly because I just wanted to finish it, and the other part was because Jo-Ann's didn't have the classic hemming tape in bright blue. In fact, they didn't have bright blue in any type of hemming tape, so I opted for grey. UNR colors? Not quite, seeing that UNR is more of a navy blue, but it's close enough, and it's finished.

I have also been itching to scrapbook. After my Close To My Heart gathering on Saturday, I'm feeling pretty motivated. Hopefully I can bust out the serious equipment around the end of May. Maybe before then, but I don't think I'll get around to it.

As for today, so far, I have conquered three loads of laundry, helped Vada get ready for school and Broden ready for play, put the brisket in the oven, vacuumed up the clumps of Angel's shedding winter coat, put away the dishes, cleaned out the old leftovers in the refrigerator, called the bank for the second time this year about the "monthly service fee" that should be non-existant, hung the firsts of Vada's "V" collection, and now blogged.

I hope your day has been as successful as mine thus far.

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