Saturday, April 16, 2011

A New Kind of Gift Card Envelope

Just over a week ago I was feeling the creativity about to burst out of my fingertips, so I decided to put it to use.

I had an empty jewel case sitting on my desk for months. It was thin and a cute yellow-orange color. I just couldn't bare to throw it away. I knew that I would eventually find a use for it, even if it took me three more months to figure out what that use would be.

Then it dawned on me one afternoon. I would jazz it up with some paper and jewels, making it a pretty gift card "envelope".

Here is the result:

I must admit, I'm fairly proud of how it turned out. Though, I should have used stamps for the birth date. That was pure laziness on my part.

I will have another one to show off in just a few months, but I don't want to ruin it for the recipient.


Corissa Riley said...

I will still act surprised when you give it to me lol!!!

Waseem said...

How you add the stamp to it...I wish to use it Gift Card envelopes.

Alex said...

The month of the year at the bottom was actually a rub-on. But I have seen similar stamps at I hope this helps.