Monday, April 25, 2011

Life's Responsibilities

Being a parent/guardian can be a tricky task. Not only must you provide for your child's needs (clothing on their back, food in their tummies, a pillow for their head at night), but it is also your job to make sure that they turn out like civilized human beings that can accept and fulfill life's responsibilities. This is where it get's tricky.

As a mother of two, legal guardian of one, and wife to one husband (I don't think I need to explain), life can get rather chaotic. Therefore, assigning chores to the other members of our family helps us all out. I can cook dinner without trying to clean the windows at the same time, and they learn how to accomplish basic housekeeping tasks that will, cross my fingers, be practiced regularly in their own homes when they are no longer living in mine.

"How is this tricky" you ask? Okay, you obviously don't have children then. Or if you do, you can count on them to be the ones living in that spare bedroom, the one you have dreams of turning into an office someday, until they reach the age of 35. Either that or you have perfect children, in which case I congratulate you. God must be saving your efforts for a greater cause.

I can't even count how many times I have had to mentally put myself in a field full of flowers in an attempt to keep my brains from shooting out of my ears because someone has either inadequately "completed" their chore, has simply chosen not to do one of their chores, has uttered a phrase along the lines of "why didn't you do it, you were home all day", or the chore was done with a serious display of attitude. And those are just the things that Kyle does!

So far, Broden is the only one who does his chore without complaining.

I knew he was a keeper.

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