Monday, March 21, 2011

You try throwing a grape! It's harder than it looks.

Last week was my little cousins Spring Break. Okay, I say little, but she is FIFTEEN now. So weird. So, anyway, she decided she wanted to take a little vacation. To our part of the country. To visit her favorite cousin (sorry to burst your bubble Jordan, but the truth is the truth).

While there is nothing too exciting to do in our little town at the beginning of spring, which is a nice way of saying a sunshiny winter, I think we succeeded in entertaining ourselves.

We shopped.We laughed. We watched movies. We laughed a little more. We partook in some girl talk. We laughed until we cried. We baked cupcakes. We laughed until we peed our pants. No, I'm serious. Peed. In our pants. I have an excuse though, I birthed two children out of my vagina. I don't know what her excuse is.

Saturday came around so fast, and she was headed back home. That night, while brushing her teeth, Vada started crying. I thought she scratched her gum or something else painful. When I asked her what was wrong she said through her tears, "I just...miss Taylor."

Love you Taylor! And we're glad you made it home safely!


Taylor said...

A whole blog on me?! I feel so special. I had a lot of fun. I never peed my pants.! ;) You are my favorite cousin by the way. Hah Awwh Vada cried, I love her. Well thanks for having me. Nice picture too. (:

Alex said...

Okay, I might have made up the whole you peeing your pants thing. Truthfully, you TINKLED your pants. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm her cousin too. Thanks for saying "no offense Bethany." I feel so loved. Hahaha.
Love you,
Your favorite sister and only,
Bethany. See you soon.