Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Is Why HGTV Won't Be Giving Me My Own Show

In an effort to make our home feel a bit more warm and cozy, we took on the task of painting the living room walls this weekend. And now I remember why I dread painting as much as I do.

Before I go into any detail, let me show you some "before" photos:

TV Nook
Living Room/Entryway

When we moved into our house just days after Broden was born, these walls were a pinkish tan. Not the worst color in the world, but I just wanted to start fresh. To me, fresh means white, and the absence of all colors that remind me of silly putty. So with the help of a few friends, and my parents, every wall in the house was given a couple coats of "Painter's White".

Some may think white is boring, but I like to think of it as safe, clean, crisp, and, yes, I'm going to use that word again, fresh. It added to that little hint of modern that I wanted our house to have. Unfortunately, it also makes our home feel rather cold.

After the purchase of our new rug for the living room (the jute beauty we purchased from West Elm has taken residence in our bedroom), which was purchased to keep the corner couch piece from sliding away from the rest of the couch when sat upon (FYI: when buying a sectional couch be sure that it comes with hardware to keep it connected), we decided that the tan in the rug needed to be reflected elsewhere in the room. I tried a few grass baskets, and the picture frames are matted with a tan background, but it just wasn't enough. That's when we made the commitment to paint the walls.

And why do I despise painting? It's messy. It's stinky. It's tedious. It's expensive.

One hundred forty-eight green one's later, we began the project so we could finish the project.

It started out simple enough. I actually started to change my opinion on the painting process. That's when a couple things happened to refresh my memory.

  1. I decided not to tape off. I carefully cut in around the windows, ceiling, and baseboards with the paint brush in one hand, the container of paint in my other hand, and a wet rag within arms reach. That's how they do it on HGTV! That went swell. No complaints here. But then came the rolling, and this was Kyle's job. Well, Kyle does NOT watch HGTV. So Kyle was unaware that too much paint on the roller will cause for some major splatterage (and in his defense, the only other time he has painted before he didn't have to worry about getting any on the floors, because we had no flooring yet). With one wall down, I went to check it out...and I just about had a heart attack when I saw all of the specks of paint on my wood floors. Thank you God for not letting me cave on Kyle's request for carpet! Long story short, a good hour to an hour and a half was spent scrubbing dried paint off the floors and baseboards that still has my fingers hurting.
  2. Kyle decided we could completely finish this project in one day IN ADDITION TO him taking on a computer issue for someone else AND attend a fundraising event at 6 p.m. If you know Kyle, I don't even have to explain. For those of you who don't, it's too tiring for me to even think about how to explain. 5:30 p.m. rolled around and we decided it was time to start getting ready for this fundraising shindig. I stuck my container of paint on a high shelf, out of reach of little fingers, and went to go plug in my straight-iron and pick out what I was going to wear. Kyle went to go take a shower. As Kyle is getting out of the shower, and I am trying to give my bangs a little fixin' while Broden is whacking the backs of my legs with one of his golf clubs, Vada pokes her head into our bedroom and says, "Wow, you guys have a lot of paint to clean up." I look at Kyle with an expression that asks, "What is she talking about?" As I step into the hallway Angel is trotting toward me, as happy as can be, leaving painted paw prints behind her with every step. And here's the breakdown: when Kyle left to go take a shower, he left the pan of paint just chillin' in the middle of the dining room floor like there was some forcefield around it that was going to keep dogs and children out of it. Angel, the one who is visually impaired, stepped into the pan of paint at some point within that ten minute span of us leaving the room and us returning. She proceeded to prance around half of the house like she was a little girl with her mommy's high heels on. I'm still finding faint paw prints here and there that we missed. Is it surprising that I made Kyle go to the fundraising event wifeless?

So, with my original opinion on painting still intact, here is the finished project:

TV Nook
Living Room/Entryway
For our next two painting projects, the kitchen and our bedroom/bathroom, I will be hiring a professional. That means you Kim.

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Bubba said...

Hey...Cousin Wayne here...Like the pics...How about a vinyl wall graphic above you TV...Let me know