Monday, February 14, 2011


I remember, years and years ago, one of my cousins warning me about buying silky blankies for my future children. She had bought one for her son, and when it came time to ween him of it, she would find him in her closet rubbing his cheek up against one of her silky the age of sixteen.

No, not really, he was only four or five, but saying he was sixteen even made me want to drop my jaw...and I knew I was lying.

When Vada came along, I did not heed her advice. The results: a child who was just like me. She had a favorite whatever for a week and then moved on to a different favorite whatever. No mother-induced blankie separation anxiety here.

I did the same with Broden, only now, these silky blankies have heads attached in the center. Good thing babies don't know any better, or else these blanket's-for-bodies-animal-heads might be the cause of some sort of psychological disorder in those little tykes who own them.

Broden owns Bear Jew and Monkey Boo. Monkey Boo was purchased as a sort of back-up for when Bear Jew was being washed, or was left at my parents house by mistake. Little did we know that in less than two days with Monkey Boo he would need BOTH to go to sleep at night. He is doing better now. He understands that sometimes one or the other needs a night off. Time to gather himself and maybe throw back a drink or two.

Here is where my cousin's warning comes in:

This morning, as I was getting breakfast ready for the kiddos, Broden sat down on the kitchen floor and was beckoning me to "come here with no delay". I knelt down to see what it was he wanted from me (I can't wait for him to expand his vocabulary beyond "please, please" when he wants something). He reached up, grabbed the bow to my pajama pants and pulled it towards his face. He proceeded to rub his eyes and the tip of his nose with the satin drawstring to my pajama pants.

Mother-induced satin obsession accomplished.

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