Friday, February 4, 2011

Cruisin' Part II

I have spent the past couple days contemplating what my favorite part of my very first cruise was. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy decision. And since I am a fan of lists (I am my mother's daughter), I have decided to make a list, in no particular order, of all of the benefits I reaped on this cruise. Here we go:

1. I can FINALLY say that I have traveled to a different country.

          After all of those years that I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and I hadn't even been to

2. Dipped my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

          That's two notches on my ocean belt.

3. Laying out and tanning under the warm sun in JANUARY.

          Nothing beats laying out on the ship deck, or a dirty beach in Nassau, in your
          bathing suit thinking, "Ha ha! People back home are walking around in their winter
          coats at this very second."

4. The handful of useful information that I gained from the GIN conferences.

          I might have been able to gain even more useful information if I hadn't been in a
          complete panic from the guest speakers making me hug people I didn't know and
          utter phrases that make me sound like I have been successfully brain washed. I
          was literally in tears and had to walk out during one session.

5. The words: All inclusive.

          Which doesn't mean "all inclusive" at all. It means: except for the purchase of
          alcohol, soda, or any beverages other than water.

6. The joys of people watching.

          Man, the things people will do and say when they think no one is watching or

7. Coming back to a clean and organized room every single time.

          Alright, so yes, it is rather creepy to know that you are being watched constantly
          by the ship crew member assigned to your room, but it's lovely to come back from
          lunch to see that he has folded your panties and placed them nice and neat at the
          foot of your bed. Wait...

8. Amazing sunsets.

9. Having the time to come this close to finishing my book.

          As much as I don't want it to end, I have so many other books that I would love to 
          read before I die.

10. Having the ocean literally right outside our teensy bedroom porthole.

11. Trying foods I otherwise might have never bothered to try.

          Mostly because I didn't have to spend my money on it. So, if I didn't like it, no 
          biggie. Just order another appetizer. This is how I found out I actually do enjoy 

12. Getting all fancied up for something other than church.

          And I didn't have to worry about embarrassing my mom with my attire. Which 
          you would think she would be used to by now, seeing as to how she was present
          during my high school days.

13. Adding a few more locations to our "Where We've Done It" list.

          I do believe this speaks for itself.

And the winner is...


I know this wouldn't be your winner, but growing up in the Phoenix area has made me a baby when it comes to the cold. While I enjoy brisk weather, I do not get satisfaction out of freezing my tush off from early November to late March, sometimes as long as early May.

Here is the famous question: would I ever go on another cruise?

I would just have to say that it depends. My kids would have to be old enough to care for themselves for the most part, you know, seniors in college. The ship would have to dock once a day; maybe I could settle for every other day. Last of all, it would have to be going someplace where I wasn't asked 50 times in an hour if I wanted my hair braided, or if I wanted to ride some jet skis.

"I nom'ly sell dees fo twenny-fi dolla, bud I make you a deal. Fi dolla a piece. Watchu say?"

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