Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Choices

Wait, wait, wait...there is a good explanation for this. Seriously!

Today was "Opposite Sex Day" at Kody's school for Battle of the Sexes week. Seeing that school spirit is something that is passed down in the McClelland blood, he participates in all of these shenanigans, unlike me who gagged at any outward display of school spirit. As far as I can remember, the furthest I went towards showing any shred of school pride was when I was forced by the drama teacher to wear a green shirt with gold lettering on it advertising the school's production of The Paper Bag Bandit Rides Again and The Taming of LaRue. The worst part: she made us tuck them in! ONLY LOSERS TUCK IN THEIR SHIRTS!

No offense dad...or Kyle.

Quick note: Starting last night and continuing on until Friday evening we are the proud babysitters of Noah, a four year old Sheriff Woody-lover who reprimands me every time I say "butt".

Back to the main story. So, with today being what it was, what it is, what it will go down in history for being, last night I had the pleasure of assisting Kody in putting together the best ensemble we could come up with. Thank goodness I have a few elastic waisted skirts, and Kody's ribcage isn't an inch bigger than it currently is.

After getting the skirt and leggings on, it was bra and tank top time. As I was latching up the bra, and seriously contemplating snapping it against Kody's back, Noah walks into the bedroom. And here was the dialogue that took place:

Noah: What are you doing?!

Kody: I have to dress up as a girl tomorrow for school, so I'm trying on the outfit I'm going to wear.

Noah (with a look of disgust on his face): Well, I think you're making a bad choice.

After Noah threw in his two-cents he promptly turned around and walked away.

I hear he has organized an intervention for RuPaul next week. Can't wait to find out how that goes.

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smashleyjane said...

Hahahaha oh man Alex, loved this blog! I can totally see Noah doing that.
BTW: Sparks totally stole our homecoming idea, at the McQ basketball game Kody went to while you guys were gone, he was asking some student what our homecoming week was about... copier!