Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I do is close my eyes real tight. Like this!

Today marked Vada's first visit to the dentist in which laughing gas was involved.

To prep her for this moment, I subjected her to some chuckle-worthy YouTube videos on the subject. This only caused her disappointment when the procedure was over and all she felt was tenderness in her gums and a hunger in her stomach.

I offered to take her to IHOP to get some pancakes, forgetting that she hates pancakes. She just stood there in the parking lot giving me this annoyed glare from under her heavy eyelids. And though her mouth was packed with gauze, "McDonald's" could not be mistaken for any other word.

I gave it a try, but she had to settle with only a small order of fries, and I would make her a bowl of soup once we were home.

The rest of the day will be spent watching movies and "taking it easy". Right now we're watching Harry and the Henderson's. Deja vu.

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