Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's Baaa-aaack

Vada came home on Saturday from her vacation to visit family in far away places.

While she loved her stay there, you can tell she is glad to be back. Although, if she had her way, we would all just move "there" instead of coming back "here". I can't blame her.

Broden was stuck to her like glue for the first couple of days, but today was the first time EVER I had to snap at them to stop hitting each other. Ah, good ol' brother-sister scuffling. I will be working diligently to nip that one ASAP.

Maybe part of Broden's frustration has to do with the fact that he no longer has his own room now that Vada is home. Let's just say I'm regretting not paying into that thought that I had while house-hunting: "maybe we should wait and see if we can find a four bedroom house..."

Live and learn.

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