Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cork Board Makeover

Last week, on a mission to find some affordable decorative accessories for the master bedroom, Broden and I took a trip to the TJ Maxx/Home Goods store in Reno.

I typically have no problem finding things to spend my money on in that store, and this trip was no different. Except for one thing that is. I am no longer bringing home a twelve hundred dollar paycheck every other week. AH!

We spent nearly an hour walking up and down the isles slowly, making sure we didn't overlook anything extremely awesome. With a self-set budget of forty dollars (yippy....blah) I would simply put anything that caught my fancy in the cart, then when I had covered the entire Home Goods section of the store I would reevaluate (the employees of TJ Maxx/Home Goods who were responsible for organizing the shelves that night were no doubt sending a few MF-bombs my way). And there is always on exception to the rule, so if I found something I couldn't live without, figuratively of course, I was able to go a little over budget. How over budget was yet to be determined.

I set down the fifteen dollar vase that I had picked up with full intensions of returning after I had matched the color with paint samples. The store is clear across town, I can't afford to drive back-and-forth just to match a stinkin' color. The sixty dollar bed quilt reclaimed its position on the shelf (yes, that's the only one I put back from I where I had retrieved it). The sixty dollar painting that I wasn't completely in love with was leaned against a table full of lamps. The smaller items were given a change of scenery on a shelf with kitchen gadgets. After a few minutes just standing there staring at the three items I had left in my cart, I decided I would buy all three (a cork board and two twin shelves) IF I could talk them down on the shelves. They were pretty banged up, so part of my forty dollar budget was going to have to go towards spray paint to touch them up.

At the register, the cashier beckoned the manager regarding the shelves. A ten percent price drop was the best he could do on the shelves. I wanted to roll my eyes the way Mr. Potato Head does in the Toy Story movies when he hears a load of crock. Whatever. Drop them down a dollar then, I'll take them.


The cork board I felt fully confident about. The bronze finish is absolutely NOT my style, but a little spray paint would fix that in a jiffy. The shelves I intended to hang from the wall above my desk as a place to set pictures of my little darlings, clearing some valuable desk space.


Project Cork Board Makeover started the very next day. I was too lazy to sand it, but it shouldn't get enough action for the paint to scratch off since it's only for my personal use. If so, then I have half a can of spray paint left in the garage.

The shelves however are still sitting on the floor leaning up against the wall. Looks like I will be making a trip back to Home Goods after all. MY HAGGLING WASTED! For the quality they are and the condition they are in, I should have never bought them in the first place. Slap my wrists.

Sadly, as excited as I was to get my cork board hung, it is rather lonely. Other than the light switch and outlets, it's the ONLY thing on our bedroom walls. Talk about a romantic setting. Although, romantic setting or not, if Kyle whispered little design tidbits into my ear while we were "thumb wrestling" I would probably get WAY more into it.

Jute rugs.
Window panels. 
Shades of blue.

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