Thursday, November 4, 2010

They All Fall Down

Our neighbors have a gorgeous tree in their backyard that has stretched it's limbs into ours. In the summer time it's so full of green leaves that when the breeze picks up all you hear is their clapping. It's a beautiful sound to listen to when we lay out in the backyard at night looking at the stars.

But the best part about their tree is when Fall comes around. The leaves turn the this magnificent red, making the tree look as if it's on fire. Then, they tumble to the ground. The back, right side of our yard is COVERED in them, and that means two things: (1) they are irresistible to play in, and (2) they make it very difficult to find all of the dog poop.

A few days ago, after a thorough poop hunt, I took Broden and Angel outside to play. I snapped some pictures and they turned out to be some of my favorites by far. I was pretty disappointed that Vada was in school, because when I tried getting more pictures with her in them later, Broden would not cooperate.

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