Monday, November 1, 2010

Pictureless Post

Since Blogger isn't wanting to upload my photos today, my Fall and Halloween posts will have to wait till tomorrow, or whenever it's done giving me an attitude. If it's taking pointers from Vada, it could be a while.

In other news, the last six days have been interesting. As many of you know, Kyle has been in the Bahamas with his work family since last Tuesday. Apparently they are attending some conferences that are put together by The Global Information Network and he is gaining all sorts of knowledge, wisdom, and...INFORMATION. Frankly, who really cares? He's in the Bahamas and I'm NOT!

Na, it's really not that bad. Actually, other than my fingers and toes being as cold as frozen mozzarella sticks (first thing that came to my mind that was long and cold, but wasn't the overused "icicle"), I feel like I am on vacation also. Yes, some people, including my husband, just read that last sentence and think I am the most horrid wife on the face of the planet, but it's true.

The television hasn't come on once in the evenings since he has been gone, except to watch a movie or two. This isn't counting Kody's television, because after all, he is a McClelland and it's in their blood to have the tube on every chance they get. Watching it or not.

With me being the only one that is home for dinner that will eat something other than Mac N' Cheese or chicken nuggets, I don't have to worry about cooking a real meal. I just throw some chicken noodle soup on for Vada, feed Broden his baby food with a few green beans on the side, and I get to eat leftovers from last week. Quick, easy, awesome. Without complaining, Kody eats leftovers too if he's not hanging out with friends. The dishes have been a breeze.

Vada has been able to fill Kyle's void in my bed, with Broden squeezing in between us anywhere between 2:00-4:00am. Kody took his role as TMH (Temporary Man of the House) very seriously, which is appreciated. He has been willing to drop everything to help me out, but unfortunately I am one who DREADS asking for help...and I just want him to be a 17 year old kid.

The two things I dislike the most about Kyle being gone:

1) The house seems to make more noises. Either our house is afraid of Kyle or he's just so noisy that I never hear our house's creeks and moans. Hmm, that's a tough one...?

2) Answering questions like: "So, is Kyle having fun in the Bahamas?", "How are you doing without Kyle around?", and "Tell me again, why is Kyle in the Bahamas without you?". The majority of these questions came yesterday, church day. I wanted to type up a newsletter answering all of the above questions in addition to my meal schedule (which reads in big bold Sharpie ink: LEFTOVERS) and give to every person who was about to open their mouth to speak to me. I understand that people were just trying to be friendly and all that mish-mosh, but it's truly exhausting repeating yourself over and over. Parents, you think it's aggravating repeating yourself to your kids two or three times a day. Try repeating yourself 20 times in less than an adults.

Kyle informs me that he is coming home a changed man. I hope this doesn't mean he'll be watching Jersey Shore instead of Grey's Anatomy.

P.S. - Becky, thanks for the chicken chili Sunday night. It's deliciousness put my menu of "leftovers" to shame.

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