Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year, it seemed to take FOREVER for Halloween to get here. Then, once it was here, it felt like it was gone in the blink of an eye, which didn't disappoint me as much as it possibly should have.

Our house is pretty pathetic when it comes to Halloween decorations. We carve a few pumpkins, hang up the $2 disposable spiderweb from Walgreens and call it good. Vada is utterly disappointed every year. For her, I tried to spice it up a bit this year. I bought the glitter words "EEK!" and "BEWARE" to prop on top of a few doorways, and a fake rat. Here's the catch: the words were $2.00 each at Target, and the rat was 50% off at World Market. I was going to buy a few other things, but I just can't bring myself to pay full price for most of this stuff when it's sitting in the attic for 51 weeks out of the year. For $20, Walgreens had an animated light-up spider that I wanted. Hello?! The thing is slightly bigger than a basketball, I'm not paying $20 for that!

Come Halloween night, our pitifully decorated house sat alone while Kyle was in the Bahamas getting a tan, Kody was at a friends house, and I was trick-or-treating with the kids and friends. And as we went from door to door collecting candy that's going to go uneaten on top of our refrigerator, I was admiring everyone's take on how to decorate for Halloween. I went home that night with some pretty cool ideas.

Except, here's the problem: while retail stores don't start packing up Xmas decorations until the new year has rolled around, they can't wait to get Halloween decor out of their store. We waited two days for fake skulls and animated spiders to go on sale, and by the time we arrived, sales associates were already packing the stuff up and setting up plastic Xmas trees! IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THANKSGIVING YET!?!

So, in my efforts to save money, I only gained one extra rat, a light-up, one-eyed lawn ghost, a cat made out of tinsel, and some jack-o-lantern party plates and napkins. If it were up to Vada, we would have gooey bloody hand prints that stick to the window in our inventory also, but I refuse to buy gross stuff. Just looking at them, and the bag of fake blood candy, made me want to start gagging. I definitely could not be in the medical profession.


Costumes you ask? Broden went as a lion since he roars all of the time. Vada went as "Spiderella" (? - that's what the package said). Kody stole Kyle's costume from the church Halloween Scavenger Hunt, a Lego, and I slapped on some black pants, a white shirt, and my old Starbucks apron and went as a Barista. Kyle's wins for imagination and effort. Eh, next year we'll do better. Even though I say that every year.

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