Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble Day

I'm here to wish you all a happy and pleasant Thanksgiving Day.

As always, I'm thankful everyday for my family, our health, Goldfish crackers, and socks.

But something new that I have to be thankful for since last Thanksgiving: the ability that I have to stay home with my amazing children. This is where I am extremely grateful to my husbands hard work, and his bosses generosity. Without the two of those things, I would still be plugging away at a job that brought me no satisfaction while my dad was at home raising my kids.

And of course, thank you to every last person that takes the time to read my blogs. I love keeping up with this, and all of the positive feedback I get lets me know that I'm not just typing to myself. Thank you.

Now, on to more serious matters: pumpkin pie. Don't forget the Cool Whip.

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