Monday, November 15, 2010

Faithful Women of Sacramento (and other surrounding areas) UNITE! - Part 3

My little three day vacation to Sacramento would be the first time Kyle has had the kids overnight all by himself. Are you feeling nervous? I'm sure he was too, and I definitely was.

Don't be mistaken, Kyle is a great dad. It's just that I do EVERYTHING. I change the poopy diapers. I give the baths. I dish out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I read the bedtime stories. EVERYTHING.

I believe it was only about two months ago that Kyle woke me up, after telling me to stay in bed and sleep in, to ask me what Broden eats for breakfast. He has only been eating breakfast SINCE HE WAS BORN. Granted, for the first few months his breakfast came out of my boob, but those have been out of commission for some time now.

It wasn't much of a surprise when he told me Thursday morning to pack the kids extra clothes to take to my dads house because they would be spending the night with him. The reason for this was so the kids didn't have to be woken up at 5:30 AM, making the rest of Friday a living nightmare for my dad. But I also know that Kyle was dreading even the thought of having to wake up an hour earlier to get a couple of kiddos ready, knowing that Broden is one clingy monster in the mornings.

So, in all actuality, Kyle only had them one night and one day. My dad was the champ who took care of the rest.

Thanks dad!

Although, judging by the way the house looked when I walked in, he had our kids for an entire well as all of the neighbor kids.

A slew of dirty clothes next to the front door. Trash ALL OVER the kitchen counters. The contents of my nightstand strewn across our bedroom. Clothes thrown all over the bed. My sewing tools all over the kitchen table. Unfolded blankets laying wherever they fell. A sink full of dirty dishes.


Now, I was expecting the sink to be full of dirty dishes, even though I made sure all dishes were clean before I left. But I was not prepared for the disaster I opened the door up to.

I could feel my blood pressure rising. I started picking things up here and there, but then I made myself quit. I NEVER let things get this out of control, and it's really not that hard to prevent. Come on boys, when you finish your fountain drink you simply open the cabinet and throw it away in the garbage can. I promise, it takes less than a minute.

When Kyle came home with the kids he could tell I was irritated. I guess I'm not as good at hiding my true emotions as I thought. Maybe this is why I only made it into one play in high school, and even that wasn't due to my talents in the audition. I snagged that role simply because the gal who originally scored the part quit, and I happened to be at the rehearsal in which she did so. But I'm not sure what irritated me more, the fact that I came home to Oscar the Grouches trash can, or the fact that it took Kyle, Kody and Vada only about 20 minutes to pick it all up.

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