Monday, November 15, 2010

Faithful Women of Sacramento (and other surrounding areas) UNITE! - Part 2

Saturday was day two of the Women of Faith seminars in Sacramento. It started at 9 AM and lasted until 5 PM. We had three breaks totaling approximately two hours. Those breaks were very much needed. Sitting on hard seats for the equivalent of a typical work day can be hard on the bum.

My mom and Kristy kept holding their breath for Natalie Grant to come out on stage, but she never did. After each session they would flip open their little booklets to her page just to make sure they didn't misread anything and that she truly WAS supposed to be there.

Natalie Grant, you seriously disappointed two of your fans, and for that, you should be ashamed!

Between musical sessions that provoked many women in the crowd to be very animated with their love for singing about Jesus (at those times I remained seated and whipped out my Stephen King novel), there were "dramas" and a few guest speakers. Sheila Walsh and Luci Swindoll were very much worth listening to. I wasn't disappointed in any of their sessions. However, Kim Cash Tate and Karen James I could have done without. I was under the impression that they aren't as experienced of speakers as those that I favored, so I won't be too harsh on them. In their sessions, by the time they ended I found myself thinking, " what was the point to that story?" If my mom and Kristy knew that Natalie Grant wasn't going to be performing, and if I knew my favorite speakers weren't going to be coming back up, we would have left a whole lot sooner than we did. My suggestion to Women of Faith: list on the schedule who will be speaking/performing during each session, so maybe we can get back to our families a little sooner.

You want to know what astounded me though. The amount of women at this RELIGIOUS seminar that were flat out catty and rude. Now, I can understand giving someone attitude if they were caught trying to snag your wallet out of your purse, but let me give you a "for instance" that happened in the row behind us.

For instance: two women in the row behind us were saving about five seats for their friends that hadn't arrived yet (by the way, this is on day one when it was open seating in the morning). This mother and daughter came along and went down the row right above these seats and then stepped over them and sat in those saved seats. One of the women saving the seats VERY politely said, "Oh, I'm sorry. We're saving those seats." To this, the daughter replies, in an attitude I'm guessing she picked up from the devil himself, "Well then why didn't you have them marked?" I commend the woman's response to this, because if I was her I would have opened my mouth to let the fire pour out. She very kindly says, "That's alright, we will just move up one row. I hope you enjoy the seminar." Talk about practicing Luke 6: 27-28.

I wasn't so kind when I found out that the two women in front of us grabbed two lunches each instead of just one. Okay, let me explain first. On both days, just before the lunch break, they would announce that if you chose not to eat the free boxed lunch, then the remaining lunches at the end of the day would be donated to an organization called Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, whose motto is: Feeding the Hungry, Sheltering the Homeless. How wonderful is that?! I thought it was absolutely wonderful. On the second day, when we came back to our seats to eat our lunch I noticed two boxed lunches sitting in the seats in front of us. I assumed those women went to the restroom, or to the concession stand to buy fountain drinks. So, as we are sitting there I realize I am not going to be eating my lunch because I have this weird thing about eating cold chicken. I just can't do it. I can choke down a chicken salad sandwich sometimes, but other than that, no way. I decided that I would just take my boxed lunch back and purchase a pretzel from the concession stand. When I get back to my seat after spending nearly $6 on a soft pretzel with cheese (the lady at the concession stand told me that was a pretty good deal...I think not) I see the women in front of me come back from...wait for it...getting a SECOND boxed lunch. That is TWO boxed lunches that could have helped feed some poor little kid who is now going to go to bed truly hungry. AND, they tried hiding the fact that they had two boxed lunches each, so they KNEW that what they were doing was wrong. They stacked them on top of each other, pushed them all the way to the back of the underside of their seats (making it easier for me to see), and stuck their plastic Women of Faith bags on top of them until they were ready to scarf them down. I did not pass up the opportunity to lean forward, as if I was getting something out of my purse, and loudly proclaim how great it is that all of the left over lunches are donated to an organization that allows very hungry people the opportunity to have a full stomach.

It crossed my mind that maybe these two women aren't as blessed as I am to have the opportunity to eat three meals a day, but I find that hard to believe when they are dressed nicely and are holding tickets to this seminar that cost $99 each.

Moving on, after the seminar was over we went to Roseville to stop by West Elm so I could pick up a couple of nightstands for mine and Kyle's bedroom. These ones just aren't cutting it anymore:


I was saddened when I found out that the ones I wanted are only available through online orders. But you know what, that's okay. Just the fact that I was finally given the privilege to step foot in that store and gawk at the displays was forgiveness enough for making me have to pay shipping.

Please join me again this evening for the third and final part of this weekend's story. It features what happens when your husband is put in charge of the children for three days, and what you as the mother gets to come home to. Those of you women who are married with children and have chosen to indulge in your own mini vacation at one time or another, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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