Friday, November 12, 2010

Faithful Women of Sacramento (and other surrounding areas) UNITE! - Part 1

Mom and Kristy

Yesterday morning my mother, Kristy (one of my mother's close friends) and I made our way to Sacramento, where we will be until tomorrow evening. That's three days and two nights of female bonding. Don't get too jealous. Approximately half of this trip's conversations have consisted of the technical jargon of court systems and other related matters between my mother and Kristy, while I am in the backseat submerged in the world's of Roland of Gilead and his ka-tet. Who am I kidding? I love the amount of reading I am getting done!

Reading aside, the purpose of this trip is to attend the Women of Faith seminar that is being held at the Arco Arena. Well, that was the purpose of today and tomorrow. Thursday's purpose was to shop...DUH!

On our way to the hotel yesterday morning, we made the mandatory stop at Ikea. A couple hours later, Kyle was very proud of me for only spending $28. My typical trip to Ikea is never below $100, so this is an accomplishment. Ask my sister-in-law. When I bought our bed frame from West Elm her first response to Kyle, via text message, was, "WHAT?! Something NOT from Ikea?!" After my less-than-$100 Ikea purchase of two bath sheets and a package of Xmas ornaments, we headed over to the Arden Fair Mall. As we pulled into the parking lot I noticed UO. UO! My eyes weld up with tears of joy. Similar to the way the old ladies at church get all teary-eyed when a 12 year old decides to commit their life to God before they even realize how babies are made. I tried to play it cool and pretend like it was no big deal if my mom and Kristy didn't feel like browsing the amazingness of UO, but after walking by the store twice and catching only side glimpses of hip sweaters on headless manikins I caved. I casually asked if they would mind ducking in there quickly "just to see if they have any cute hats". Nearly an hour later I was ready to make my purchase, and the gals were standing quietly against a wall display cursing my weakness. We ended the evening with dinner and a movie.

Today was day one of the Women of Faith seminar. This is my first time ever attending anything like this, and I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised so far. I could do without the Christian rock concert sessions, but the speakers are outstanding. Now, if you know me, I don't buy into cheesy. Once someone starts laying on the cheese, it's an automatic turn off switch. Even with Kyle's attempts to be mushy-gushy romantic. The moment he starts singing romantic ballads to me while washing the dishes I can feel the stomach acid climb into my throat. I get a very similar reaction with christian music, and occasionally with the way some people express their love for God. This is also why I have difficulty at times receiving joy out of interacting with "church people". Most of the conversations are superficial, and I walk away thinking, "that was the biggest waste of my time".

My favorite speaker as of tonight would have to be Marcus Buckingham. His british accent makes listening to him speak simply irresistible, and he doesn't lay on the cheese. Every so often he will utter a sentence that I have to ignore even came out of his mouth, but overall, he has so much great information to share.

I'm curious to see what tomorrow has to offer. I'm praying all of the singers get strep that Christian-like? Who cares?

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