Thursday, October 21, 2010

A New Love-Hate Relationship Blossoms

Woo-wee. Things have been in a small state of frenzy here in the McClelland household. So, I apologize for my slacking in the blog department.

First off, let me start by saying (drum roll please).......wait for it.......Smalls has found a new home. A home where he will be loved, allowed indoors, and given so much attention he may just have a mini doggie heart attack. We've been trying to find him a new home for a couple months now. Yes, because his barking was getting out of hand and he had just a tad too much energy for us, but we realize this is our fault here, not Smalls. We just didn't have the time to spend with him. And had we time to set aside for him, his barking and other nuisances would have quickly dissipated. Back to what I was saying, we have been trying to find him a new home for the past couple months. We posted him on, posted him on, told people at church, told coworkers who happen to have relatives that work at an animal shelter. Nothing. Then, finally, after last weekends garage sale I hopped onto just to see if anyone had posted a wanted add for a dog. And there it was: Wanted - lab younger than 2 years old. I thought I was going to pee my pants. Okay, I did pee my pants a little. A few emails back and forth and we had a meeting set up for them to come check him out the very next day. They came, they saw, they loved, they took.

I know you can't tell every book by it's cover, but this family seemed great. She was the type of person who lets the dogs sleep in bed with her. He wanted to take him hunting with him and his boys. It was perfect. Their happy. He's happy. So, I'm happy.

Due to this change in the canine sector of the McClelland household, Angel has now been promoted to Inside Dog. If it weren't for the few times she has happily gone bolting outside with full expectations of being chased, I wouldn't even think that she missed Smalls. She naps when Broden naps, gets scratched behind her ears and under her chin multiple times a day, gets to eat all the food Broden throws on the floor at meal times, and gets to sleep curled up on the floor on my side of the bed. She is in doggie heaven!

Well, except for the fact that when Broden is awake she has to put up with his love smacks and getting her fur pulled. Oh, and the occasional bear hug. She is so good with him though. Only once has she not been able to tolerate it, and in that instance she simple jumped up and ran out of the room. Broden cried because he couldn't understand how this furry creature couldn't possibly want his love and attention, but he was quickly over it and equally happy playing with a cardboard toilet paper roll.

And what has become of the love-hate relationship that Smalls and Angel had? It has transferred over to Angel and Broden. It's actually not so much with Angel, only with Broden. If I sit on the floor and begin petting Angel then the game has begun. Broden will stop whatever he is doing, run to me as fast as his little legs will take him, push Angel out of the way and plop down on my lap. If she doesn't quickly realize that he has won this game that only he is playing, then Broden proceeds to give her angry eyes, shout his gibberish and point his finger at her. But don't feel too bad for her. Remember, he makes up for it by throwing his dinner on the floor for her.

What did I tell you? Love-hate at it's finest.

Oh, and second off (and third, and fourth, etc): we're in the process of putting together a Kid's Club event through our church for the month of October, planning a trip to Disneyland, teaching Broden to only throw balls and not whack people (or pets) with his golf clubs, decorating for fall/Halloween, carving pumpkins, attending birthday parties, preparing for Kyle's trip to the Bahamas and my trip to Sacramento, doing laundry, washing dishes, making dinner, helping with homework, bathing kids, bathing ourselves, changing diapers, fixing oddball things around the house and in the yard, maintaining sanity, playing dirty secretary for my husband by completing price quotes while applying stain remover to the baby food splotch on my shirt, and somewhere in there trying to read at least five pages out of my book.

I still have yet to find time to apply my make-up today.

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