Friday, October 1, 2010

Cousinly Love

Wednesday and Thursday I was given the opportunity to babysit my beautiful little niece, Addy. How anyone could refuse such an offer is beyond me. She is so stinkin' cute! Though, I may be a tad bias...?

The babysitting stint began late Wednesday morning. We went to Costco to buy some milk and taste the samples, went by Kyle's work to drop off a change of clothes so he could help work on one of the trucks (scary thought being that he is not mechanically adept), and played, played, played. That evening, after church, and after not seeing her mom since early that morning, Addy did NOT want to come home with me. She was in hysterics. That ended about five minutes after we pulled out of the parking lot. She was OUT. I mean, hardcore out. She didn't wake up until I started putting her pajama's on.

The next morning Addy didn't wake up until 8:30. 8:30! I wish she could teach my kids how to sleep until 8:30. Without keeping them up until midnight that is.

Broden's nap time rolled around (cue Angel's barking). I laid him down in bed, but the quiet from his room lasted approximately 2 minutes before he started crying because he could hear Addy playing. This was a foreshadowing to later that afternoon.

I had promised Addy that I would take her to the park. Since Broden can't go without at least one nap a day, I persuaded my dad to let him nap over there (which wasn't hard to do) while I took Addy to park it up. After dropping him off with Tata, Addy and I cruised on over to the Lazy 5 park, which happened to be the hot spot for stay-at-home-mothers that Thursday afternoon. There had to have been close to 12 mother's there with their children and enough Popsicles to ensure that the children did not have a lack of energy and would have a successful sugar-crash by the time they arrived back at home. And I was the only adult playing on the playground, so you know what this made me. Come can guess. The walking trash can. Random kids were approaching me with their Popsicle sticks high above their heads, "Here, I'm done." Cool, let me just get that for you then.

Then,there was this so-annoying-I-could-barely-keep-my-comments-to-myself "mother". This gal had to be about my age, and was the first one of the gaggle to really catch my attention. She spoke louder than all of them, which made it nearly impossible for me not to hear her say, "He is so cute. He loves the slide. Every time we take him to the park he pushes through all of the kids just to go down it." Oh, how sweet, you condone your child to crap on anyone who gets in his way. 

Oh no. She wasn't talking about flesh from her loins. She was talking about her bratty-arse dog. A little terrier that was about to explode with excitement from the mere idea of jumping two and a half feet into the air to lick the stickiness off each child's face. So, since she wasn't trying very hard to hide her dimwittedness, it was no surprise that she was idiotic enough to let the thing off of it's leash. Hello! Your dog is nipping at the heels of every child that walks by it! What would make you think that letting him run around unleashed at a playground with 16 kids would be a good idea?! And the thing did exactly as she said, pushed kids over just to get to the slide. The slide that a little girl that couldn't have been any older than two, we will call her Bathing Suit Girl, was currently sliding down. They both popped out of the bottom at about the same time. And as she was walking away, that stupid mutt kept nipping at her bottom. This is terrifying for a child. Bathing Suit Girl was screaming so hard I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head as she ran around the playground waiting for someone to rescue her. By the time her mom picked her up, the dog had gone leaping into the brush just behind the park. Dimwit running close behind trying to catch him. She was still yelling for him when we left, which triggered the corners of my mouth to rise slightly.

Sheesh, that was a long side story. Sorry.

So, we left the park, went and bought a snack at 7-Eleven, went to a different park with no human or canine forms present, grabbed a few things at the store that we needed for dinner, and headed back home. After planting some red tulip bulbs that Kyle's aunt and uncle had bought us,  she watched the baby-doll movie (Coraline) while I washed dishes. My dad called around three o'clock to say that Broden was awake, so we could pick him up whenever.

The moment we walked in the door, Broden shifted into mommy-is-here mode. Which ultimately translates to: Let the competition between Broden and Addy begin. If I held one, the other one wanted  to be held also. They both wanted exactly what the other one had. If Addy was on the couch, Broden wanted up too. Anything that Addy had touched that day was off limits to Broden, even if there was no intention of playing with it again. If Addy had a drink, Broden wanted it. Not a drink, but HER drink. I couldn't have been more excited to see another grown-up walk through the front door at the end of the day.

Lessons I have learned from all of this:
1. I could not operate an at-home daycare.
2. Broden misses Vada because she gives in to his cuteness.
3. If Popsicles are present at a park, turn around and walk away.
4. Sharing is vital to maintain peace in a multi-children environment.
5. If your first impression of a person is, "idiot", you're probably right.
6. Kyle is getting snipped as soon as the time is up on my IUD.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH ALEX, I love YOUR life, and am soooooooo happy that you share it with us. I REALLY liked #6
of your life lessons. Thanks so much.
I can't believe that "mother". How did she not know that one of those kids might be allergic to dogs or scared to death of them. You should have called the dog catchers when you left and reported her and her yapper!!!

Alex said...

Thank you!

I'm pretty fond of #6 also. :)

And thanks for keeping up with my blog! I love it when people leave me comments!

Kyle said...

What is Kyle gonna get snipped? I don't know what you are talking about? If you are talking about what I think you are then you are absolutely out of your mind. The only thing that gets close to being down there is... well nothing, I am married. JK. I'm not getting anything for a week now.