Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black and Blue

Try to look past the white pasty legs for a moment. This is the result of biking accident #2.

A couple nights ago Kyle and I decided that we were going to take Smalls on a bike ride to wear him out a little. Kyle would ride along with Smalls running beside him. I would pull Broden in the bike trailer. Then Kody decided that he wanted to come along too. 

The problem: he doesn't have a bike. 

The solution: he decided he would ride Vada's bike.

Yes, he very much resembled a clown riding a tiny bicycle at the circus.

A little over half way to my parents house, which is approximately a half a mile from our garage door, the chain fell off of her bike. Right as we were cutting through a poorly lit area. Kyle was so far ahead of us that he didn't even realize we stopped. Kody decided that, since he is a macho man, he should ride my bike while I get on Vada's and hang on to his handle bars, allowing him to pull me to my parents house. This took a couple attempts, but we got it. And not long after, he decided it was just too tough to steer straight ahead when he's pulling 120 pounds on the left side of his handle bars. So, I had a brilliant idea: I would let go and grab the back of his seat and let him pull me that way.

Keep in mind that if I just scooted Vada's bike to my parents house, we probably would have been there by this time.

So, I let go and went to grab onto his seat. Well, this threw off his balance and he jerked the front wheel to save himself. This caused Vada's front tire to hit his bike and send me to the ground. I caught myself, first with my left knee and then my hands quickly following.

Kody was wigging out (as was Broden), asking me over and over if I was okay. Even though it felt like my knee was oozing blood, I just told him yes, because I didn't feel like talking at that very moment. When we arrived at my parents abode, I rolled up my pants to check out the damage. No blood, but I had some nasty bruises, as you can see. They are pretty tender too.

I'm going to wear a skirt to church tomorrow so everyone can ask me how it happened, and I can reply, "Kyle just got a little out of hand when reprimanding me for the tone I had the other night. But that's okay, I probably deserved most of it."

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