Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This past weekend our family decided to brave the 21 mile bike ride in Tahoe that we typically do several times throughout the summer.

However, being that I was pregnant last summer, it's been over a year since I've ventured on this trail designed for somewhat advanced bike riders. Sheesh, it was nearly year since I had even been on my bike at all. I had taken Vada on some rides around the neighborhood as a "warm up". Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha! Whooooo! Folks, I rode less than a mile with Broden's trailer tuggin' along behind me before I called it quits. There was no way I was pulling that sucker up any sort of incline.

Okay, in my defense I was pulling more than just the weight of Broden and the trailer! There was also our lunch/snack bag chillin' on the back of that thing. I swear to you, that bag alone weighed the equivalent of two Broden's.

What really killed me? The fact that Kody, my 16 year old brother-in-law who hadn't been on this ride EVER before hopped on there, like a true champ, and rode the rest of the way. Little ol' scrawny me was left to ride a friends bike. This friend is male, and much taller than me. So, there was one point that starting off from a dead stop just about ripped me a brand new bum-hole.

Let's just say that next year I will be better prepared. More training will be involved, we will bring less snackage, and I'll pack some gauze.

On a side note, when helmet shopping for Mr. Broden, Kyle happened upon this beauty:

It's hard to see, but IT'S A PAUL FRANK HELMET!


That made the whole thing worth it.

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