Friday, September 3, 2010

Backyard Facelift

As many of you know, we have been working our tails off to get our backyard looking decent and livable. By" livable", I mean safe to walk around barefoot. By "we", I mean mostly Kyle.

Hey! I pulled weeds and did my fare share of other things too, but someone had to watch the kids! And on those days when my parents or friends agreed to watch the kids so I could help, I ended up being the one that everyone yelled at to go get them water, or go grab that tool out of the garage, or to push the button that shut off the sprinklers. A couple instances of that and I decided I was done "helping", because I'm pretty sure I did all of that even when I did have the kids.

Besides, I think Kyle feels a huge sense of pride knowing that he did a majority of the work himself. Yes, he had help, and we thank you all for every single ounce of it, but he sacrificed just about every one of his weekends for a solid two and half months to work on our the summer heat. On top of working a more-than-full-time job and having to take off his shoes every time he had to come inside. I didn't care if he gave me the rolling of the eyes, I was not mopping...AGAIN.

So, first off, I'm going to show you some "before" pictures of our yard. Keep in mind that when we first moved in, the yard was even worse off than this. There were literally weeds taller than me growing all over the place, and sage playing the part of Julius Caesar. It took about five people every day for about a week to get it looking the way it does in these pictures:

To the right of the deck. Flowerbed full of weeds, balding lawn.

Right corner of the yard. Pathetic looking trees.

Directly in front of the deck, which is in the process of being demolished.

Left corner of the yard.

Left of the porch. The weeds favorite flowerbed and an open side yard where the dog kennel was kept.

Two and a half months and a few pretty pennies later, we have an awesome backyard that I love finding any reason what-so-ever to spend time in. You have no idea how much more enjoyable it is to lay out on the patio and look up at the stars once the sun has checked out and the crickets begin chirping.

Right of where the deck used to be. Bought ourselves a little patio table and everything.

Front of the patio. The pavers look MUCH better than that ratty old wooden deck.


Left of the yard. Kyle built a fence to block off the side yard for the dogs.

I know our fence looks a tad weathered, but it's just going to have to hang in there as long as possibly. I'm not really looking forward to spending money on that...ever.

Next year: the front yard. Kyle can't wait.

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