Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still Gathering My Wits

Sorry for the lack of posting, my friends. I had some major party-age to plan for this past weekend. Not only did we have Broden's First Birthday Hoopla, but we also had my mother's Hey, I Just Graduated with My Bachelor's Degree Hoopla. While both are extremely worth celebrating, this is the last time I throw two parties in one weekend.

And in making this decision to throw two parties in one weekend, this was my logic: I'm already going to have tables and tents set up, chairs borrowed and set out, house cleaned, and party food bought. So, why not just get it all over with at once?

Because you will lose your marbles people!

The chaos began Saturday afternoon. All day Friday and Saturday morning were wonderfully, splendidly terrific days. Sun was out, not too hot, bugs were minding their own business. Then God decided to spite me for the comment I made about how I don't pray for my lunch. I WAS KIDDING! Grey clouds rolled in, it began to sprinkle, and worst of all, the 30 MPH winds invaded my backyard. And for this reason, I could not hang the beautiful banner, that I was up until 3AM Friday morning making, above the table outside. Instead, I had to hang it above the sliding door leading into the backyard. Right in front of a window that we don't have blinds for. Therefore, all you could read on it was "Happy", and sometimes "Broden" if you stood at the right angle. I made people tough it out outside for lunch, but caved and moved dessert and gifts inside. Hmm, good thing I decided to clean my house.

Oh, and for the record, it was supposed to be a perfect day up until about three days before his party. And even then, it was just supposed to be windy. No dark clouds and a chance of rain! I just wanted to clarify so you didn't think I was one of those morons who decides to plan an outdoor party even though Channel 2 is saying there is supposed to be a hail storm.

By the time Sunday afternoon arrived, a perfect weather day I might add, and I realized we were going to be short on food and time to set up, I was yelling at people for merely not putting the napkins where I wanted them. I mean, come on! It's only obvious that the napkins should go on the right side of the table to balance out the punch and cups being on the left. Oh, no? WELL THAT'S HOW I WANT IT, SO JUST DO IT!

And yes, I AM the most awful daughter in the world because I was too exhausted to take pictures at my mother's shindig in between yelling at people to go get pizza, move the gifts inside, and not to step in the swampy low spot in the lawn.

But you know what? MY BABY BOY IS ONE...and...MY MOM IS A COLLEGE GRADUATE! It may have been so stressful that my hair is significantly thinner on the left side of my head now, but it was totally worth it. That's what hair extensions are for, right?

Here are some pictures from Broden's party:

The candle wasn't originally in the background, 
but a good friend and an amazing artist, J Bell, 
wanted to have some chalkboard fun. 

Broden's First Birthday Dirt Pudding

Broden showing that pudding who's boss!

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