Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glory, Glory

My not-so-little brother stopped by yesterday late morning after he had gone to work just to find out that he wasn't scheduled until 4 o'clock that afternoon. So, we were hanging out. Talking about whatever came up while I was doing the dishes.

I decided that I should do a test run of Broden's birthday pie. You know, just to make sure I can really make it and it doesn't turn out tasting like an old rubber shoe on the day of his birthday (if you know the chef side of me, you know that this is highly possible). While smashing up graham crackers with a coffee mug, my brother gets a call.

I hear bits and pieces of the conversations, but still ask him what it was all about. A friend of his had won two tickets to go see the Silversun Pickups playing that night. The catch: she couldn't go. She knew my brother would lick his own pimple-puss to be able to go, so she offered them to him. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go. Hmm...I don't know...there's a lot of dirty laundry piling up that I should YES I'LL GO! Are you kidding me?! And here is his catch: he had to work from 4-9:30 that night and the concert started at 7. He was going to ask his shift manager if he could bail out early, but he didn't feel too confident that things would play out in his favor.

He went to work, asked the shift and he said that he would let him go around 7ish. Except, he couldn't use the phone to call me, since he was working and In-N-Out is lame and don't have store phone numbers available to the public, so I was sitting at home having no clue as to whether or not I should start getting ready. At about 7 I told Kody to start getting ready. If Jordan couldn't get off early then I was going to take Kody to the concert with me.

We get to In-N-Out as my brother is clocking out. Poor Kody had to go back home. I felt really bad because he was excited. I offered for him to go in my place, but he refused. What a gentleman.

We missed the first band and arrived as Against Me was setting up. My apologies to any Against Me fans, but listening to them was torture. Thank you to all the stars in Heaven for allowing me to have an iPhone. I Facebook'd and text'd during their entire set. Then the Silversun Pickups graced the stage and I will never regret leaving all of that dirty laundry on my bedroom floor last night.

They blew it away. Amazing. I was actually upset at myself for not having purchased tickets for this show, but glad I didn't because I got them for FREE.

The show ended, the house lights came on, and people started pushing their way out. We stayed just to gab about how great it was. And good thing too. As they were cleaning up the stage they threw out a bunch of picks that the band left on stage. And guess who got one....JORDAN! Him and two others bent down at the same time to snatch it up, but he was there first. One of those people was an attractive girl and as he went to put it in his pocket Mr. Angel popped onto his shoulder and whispered into his ear: "Give that cute girl the pick." He started reaching out to hand it to her, and written across her face was: That's right...give it to me you sucker. I reacted quickly. I smacked his hand down and yelled: "NO! YOU KEEP IT!" As fast as a gunslinger he put it in his pocket, turned around and walked away. I'm pretty sure that girl wanted to show her fists the back of my head a couple times, but oh well.

We had fun. And if the Silversun Pickups happen to be coming to your area soon, I would highly recommend spending the money to see them. Fantastic.

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