Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Love Affair with Mr. Clean

So, while I was frantically getting ready to invite MANY people over for Party Weekend, I discovered a love I never knew I was capable of having.

It started off in the master bathroom and worked it's way into the hall bathroom, kitchen, living room, and ended in the laundry room. It was hot, and lasted for a good hour and a half while Broden napped. Started clean, ended dirty.

Man, I kind of wished I was talking about sex right now.

No, I'm talking about the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean. I had had a box of them in my cleaning supplies since earlier this year, but every time I looked at it I thought: I'm sure it can't work better than good ol' Comet and elbow grease. Oh my dear friends, I was terribly wrong. This thing truly is magic. Little to no elbow grease required. It took the Kool-Aid stains off of the refrigerator in two short swipes. Similar stains have caused beads of sweat to come running down my forehead because the amount of effort it takes to remove them.

I mean, this cleaning supply affair started out innocent with my only intent being to clean the bathtub. But once it wiped away the dirt in less than one minute, the dirt that I had just spent 10 minutes trying to scrub away with Comet and Soft Scrub, I knew it was meant to be. I started walking around the house looking for things to clean.

I guess it's supposed to last you a while, but I abused this poor thing to death. And I mean this quite literally. Tiny pieces were falling off of it as I was trying my very best to get every last bit of use out of it.

Before and After

They say you always remember your first. And oh, I will.

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Anonymous said...

it also works wonders for crayon on all surfaces, as long as you don't attack the walls with 409 or something first...must have for all homes with children