Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summary of Memorial Day Weekend

Busy. Yep, that sums it up.

While many out there cherished the laziness they were able to partake in on this lovely three day weekend, we were not those people. Instead, on the days leading up to this weekend we thought, "Yay! An extra day to participate in manual labor! Who's with us!?!" (cue chirping crickets) Conveniently, Kody had a baseball tournament all weekend. And it wasn't until Saturday morning that it dawned on us: um, how am I supposed to help when we have a 9 1/2 month old that needs constant supervision?

Thank you Ashley Woods for being so willing to give up the few hours you had to just veg at home to watch our children Saturday morning/afternoon...at the VERY last minute. Literally. Yes, we are so thankful that I gave you your own mini paragraph. Embrace it.

So, while Kyle diligently worked to demolish our rickety old deck, I worked in the rock garden...yet again.  All I have left to do is rip out the bunch of clover and remove the ONE AND A HALF MILLION ANNOYING PURPLE BULBOUS FLOWERS! That will only take TWO MORE WEEKENDS! Don't get me wrong, they are pretty, but they multiply faster than bunnies and spread quicker than the plague. They're dominate little buggers and we all know how much I hate dominance...unless it's coming from me.

Sunday: I spent the afternoon (remember: we are the God Fearing People...we attend church Sunday morning AND Sunday night) entertaining the kids and cleaning the kitchen while Kyle finished hacking the deck like he was the killer in some horror film. By the end of the day you could eat out of our kitchen sink and start a bonfire in our backyard.

Boutcher Barbecue
Monday: Since Vada had spent the night at a friends house, Broden went back to sleep after a 6:30AM bottle and Kyle was taking advantage of the quiet to catch a few extra Z's, I slipped on the gardening gloves and went to pull some weeds in the front yard. I was later reprimanded for not waking Kyle up sooner because he had stuff to do (gosh, I was just trying to be nice!). He finished loading up the trailer and made a dump run, which in turn made us late to the Memorial Day Barbecue at the Boutcher's home. Sorry Scott and Sarah! After that, we went directly over to Kyle's Uncle Gene and Aunt Patti's home for more amazing food. I was completely stuffed by the end of the day and was thoroughly convinced I wouldn't have to eat until at least Wednesday.

And today, I sent Broden over to my parent's house to hang out with Tata while I spent a good five hours pulling weeds. Five hours! Bent over and yanking unwanted plants out of the ground. Five hours that ended in a destroyed flipflop, two large garbage bags filled with weeds and little bits of trash, pissed off ants, a hole in my right gardening glove, sore fingers, and a yard that looks like I didn't even touch it. It's so rewarding when you work so hard all day and your husband comes home, looks in the backyard and asks, "What did you do? Where did you pull weeds?" And you look into the backyard with him and honestly say, "I don't know, I can't tell."

Due to an aching back and tender finger tips, I will be taking a break tomorrow. I'll stick with laundry, vacuuming and dancing around in my socks and underwear.

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