Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mission Failed

In an attempt to save a little money and get Broden used to eating food with more texture to it, I decided that I would make his baby food from now on.

We took a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday afternoon to load up on some delicious fruits and veggies as the first step to tackling this little project. $47.01 later I'm thinking that starting my own little produce garden isn't such a bad idea.

Seeing that I didn't get my hands on a blender till nearly 11pm (I'm not going into that one) I only accomplished the pureeing of carrots and asparagus. I was thrilled to the thrilled. I wanted to wake up Broden that instant to make him try it. Instead, I waited till lunch time this afternoon.

His face said it all. It was disgusting. Carrots and asparagus both. He was gagging so much by the fifth bite of asparagus that I thought his tongue was going to tumble out onto his tray. I can't say I really blame him. Just looking at it makes my stomach want to climb into my throat.

I'm still going to give a couple fruits a try. I have a feeling those won't be as bad. Sugar helps everything.

We'll stick to buying the Gerber veggies and adding rice cereal to them, since no stores around these parts like to stock up on anything in the Step 3 foods other than Lasagna and Turkey Dinner, which he hates almost as much as the homemade asparagus.

A message to his future wife: Don't take it personally if he won't eat your home cooked meals consisting of asparagus and cooked carrots. It's my fault. I accept full responsibility.

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