Monday, May 24, 2010

Things That Happen On Rainy Days

Thank you God for having a sense of humor, but really, there IS such thing as too much. You're going a little over bored here. It's not really funny anymore. Warm weather...cold weather...tanning chocolate weather...sunshine...hail. Could you please stop?! I stopped laughing a while ago and now I'm just getting annoyed.

We had been planning on this past weekend being a yard work weekend. I was really geared up for it. I mean, how often is someone excited to pull weeds? I blame it on Broden's first birthday party being only a couple months off, so in my defense: I'm not completely insane. Although. with God's weather pranks, it's not far off.

We woke up Saturday morning, took Broden to spend some quality time with Nana and stuck on our green thumbs. Well, I did at least. I started with the weeds in the backyard, but the ground was too cold and hard, so no roots were wanting to come out. I moved to the side yard. That was going a bit more smoothly, but then Kyle told me to get out of his way. Story of my life. So, I planted my knees in the rock garden in our front yard. Man, I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. Okay, well, it's not completely an "after", but it looks a heck of a lot better than it did "before". And let me just say this: it WOULD be a complete "after" if God didn't decide to have a good laugh by hailing on our heads. It started slowly, so we thought we could just work right through it, but that wasn't giving Him any amusement. And down it came...and inside we went.

Meanwhile, at Nana's house, Broden's comforter was completed. YYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!! I must say, I'm quite tickled at how it turned out. FYI: I had originally ordered an orange rocket fabric and a muted blue diamond patterned fabric for this home-made comforter project. When I received them in the mail, the blue was not the same blue that came across my computer screen. Right away I knew that wasn't going to make the final cut, but it'll make a cute average baby blanket. So, it was decided: orange rockets on one side and chenille on the other. Then, as time went on I decided I wasn't too psyched about the orange anymore, but I didn't really know WHAT I wanted. Once Vada decided on a plain white duvet cover with black bed sheets, that's when I knew. Simple yet classic black and white was the winner. I went to Joann's on Friday afternoon and found this amazing fabric. And guess what...there was JUST enough left for this project on the spool. Heck yes! So, on Saturday, in between painting her fireplace wall and keeping Koda from eating Broden, my mom finished the comforter. THE comforter. Completed. Done. FINISHED! Isn't it beautiful? Just say yes.

And while I was pulling weeds, Kyle was cleaning out the garage, Kody was loading up the dump trailer, and my mom was being wonder woman, Smalls was working at getting that garbage bag I placed on the other side of the child gate. And he was successful. So successful in fact that both Kyle and I wanted to kill him. The more I think about it, the more I think that naming him Smalls was an absolute jinx. Not only did he succeed in ripping a hole in the bottom of the garbage bag and ingesting some week old rotten food scraps, he also succeeded in nearly digging a hole leading right into the crawl space. Thank goodness he  just ruined the cork flooring. HOLY LOGS OF POOP! He scraped the CRAP out of our cork floor! This was a prime time to practice having that patience that I've been working so hard on having more of. Still working on it.

I'm becoming fairly certain that cold weather and hail in late May are jinxed too. Okay God, jokes over.


The Prettiest Mess You've Ever Seen said...

That dog would be sentenced to a year in the kennel. Our dogs have learned pretty quickly that eating trash and throwin it around the whole house get you no dinner and a night in the kennel OUTSIDE! Adorable blanket! I just love your taste alex! Can you design everything for my little?! Thanks your a doll

Alex said...

I would love to leave them outside at night, but they bark and bark and bark. Our neighbor would be calling animal control on us. Smalls gets kenneled in the garage. My brother wants to take him when he moves out of my parents house. I can't wait for that day. And missy, I would LOVE to design everything for your little! Too bad I don't live closer. :(