Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Sickness

Sorry there are no pictures to go along with this post, but I just wanted to inform the world that it may be a few more days before I update my blog.

I've got the pneumonia. And it sucks horse dung! I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. Seriously. Other than that time I had tonsillitis, I've never wanted someone to just shoot me dead so badly.

Okay, and not only do I not yet have insurance which meant I had to fork over $207 for my prescriptions, but I constantly feel DISGUSTING! The fever gives me the chills, but my body is so hot that I'm sweating profusely under the covers. Every time I cough I think about the germs I'm releasing into the air. Everything I touch becomes contaminated. I barely have the energy to type all of this. I'm super hungry, but I know that the moment something goes into my mouth I'm just going to want to spit it out because my stomach is rebelling against me. And if I do get the nerve to swallow it, the taste it leaves in mouth makes me want to gag. And my back and neck are so stiff that you could use them as stepping stones in your garden.

Oh, and speaking of garden...my tomato plant is toast. Didn't I tell you?!

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