Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Down...

Things have been crazy around these parts. Grandparents in town for their yearly trip, everyone expecting me to do all of the chores around the house, going on two road trips in two weeks, Vada being off track, Broden going through the Must-Be-Held-Every-Waking-Moment phase, etc. Ha ha, and I thought being a stay-at-home mom would be less stressful. Oh man, was I naive.

Here is my to do list for tomorrow:

  • Get everything on the kitchen table put in it's place
  • Get my desk organized
  • Throw away Gadget (the now dead crab) and put away the tank
  • Wash, dry and fold at least two loads of laundry
  • Take Broden's old crib to Goodwill (I will explain a little later)
  • Blog
  • Catch up on a few of the blogs that I follow (I'm about 2 weeks behind, which means it will take me hours to catch up!)
Hahahahaha! Oh boy. Ha. Ya, I think it's rather funny that I would be thinking I could get all of this done in one day too. But you see, I'd rather have too much stuff on my list than too little. Sure, I get super irritated at the end of the day if everything on my list isn't completed, but if I only put a couple things on my list and complete them before the day is over, I would be forced by my psychotic brain to start random projects and only half way complete them before moving on to another. Do you get my logic?

ANYWAY, on to more important things. As some of you may know, this past weekend was our little road trip to San Francisco. We went for a few reason:

  1. My grandparents have never been before
  2. My parents wanted to see some friends that would be visiting the area as well
  3. Most importantly, Vada and I had a concert to attend Sunday evening
Vada, Broden and I left Saturday as the sun was rising to meet my parents and grandparents so we could caravan to the hotel in Fairfield. We then proceeded to Alcatraz, which was pretty nifty. Sunday: church, lunch, and an hour driving down the same streets over and over trying to find the theatre. At one point turning down a one way road...THE WRONG WAY! I've never been so freaked out. I thought I pulled myself together, but then my dad called to ask me a question and I lost it. And in the mean time, Vada is in the backseat asking me about songs she's listening to on my Shuffle. "What is he saying right here?", "Why do you have the same song on here twice?, "Will he play this song at the concert?".  Between the one way road fiasco and trying to find a free parking spot, I was going to go bonkers. Seriously.

We finally found a spot that was decent. Less 5 minutes walking distance to the theatre. We have 2 hours till the concert starts and I'm doing my best to keep Vada entertained while standing in line. We started off with a little Paper, Rock , Scissors then switched it up with a little Eye Spy. And just before we ran out of things to "spy", the gal in front of us started up a conversation with Vada. I think she noticed how desperate I was to make sure that Vada didn't give up on the whole concert experience before it had even began. Turns out she was a 4th grade teacher from Lincoln, CA, so she was pretty good at keeping the conversation going.

About a quarter after 7 they began letting people enter. We went directly to our seats because Vada was sick of standing. I kept trying to talk her into standing at the stage but she just kept saying no. "Come on! It's really cool to be that close, and sometimes the people on stage will talk to you..." This did it. She finally agreed to try it out for the opening band. Well, turns out we couldn't get close enough for her to actually see anything that was going on, except for whatever the dude in front of her did with his butt. So, when the opening band came out to play, I held her. OH. MY. GOSH. The kid is not light! I pushed through the first song, but made her hop on my shoulders for the next two songs. After that, my back felt like it was going to snap in two at the top of my tail bone, so I had to put her down. She wanted to finish out the rest of the concert in our seats upstairs.

I don't know if you have ever heard of Kate Miller-Heidke, but she was the one opening for Ben Folds. Oh ya, Ben Folds is who we were going to see. Did I fail to mention that? Anywho, Vada was in love with Kate's music. Ben hadn't even played yet and she was saying she was better than him. After her set we went down to buy one of her CD's and on our way to the back of the line we crossed paths with Kate. Vada was speechless and Kate was in a hurry, so the little meet-and-greet lasting a whopping 3 seconds. We stood in line for about 4 minutes before making it to the front. That's when we saw that Kate was standing there signing CD's. The look on Vada's face was priceless. PRICELESS. We bought the CD and a t-shirt and as Kate was signing the sleeve, Vada asked if she could please sign her hand too. "Only if you promise not to get it tattooed." I'm sure that was meant to be funny, but Vada was so star-struck that all she could do was smile. No talking, barely moving, staring. She was so freakin' excited! Which in turn made my night. Duh.

Later that evening we went to the restroom and Vada asked if she could use my Germ-X. I wasn't even thinking and just whipped it out of my bag. I watched as she carefully covered each spot of her hands except where Kate had signed. And to top it off, the beverage man threw a small handful of cherries in her coke. I'm pretty sure I have just created a concert-loving 7 year old.

And may I remind you that her bedtime is between 8 and 8:30. So when she decided to close her eyes after Ben played her favorite song I wasn't that surprised. She woke up for a couple songs after that, but she was napping for a good majority of the set. Don't take it personally Ben.

The concert ended and I received the pleasure of carrying her all the way to the car. Now do you see why it was so important to drive around forever to find a parking spot that wouldn't take me 20 minutes to get to? My back is still hurting from that. I was half way expecting to walk around the corner and my car to be missing. Towed away legally for some parking crime I was oblivious to. But no, MY CAR WAS THERE....AND PERFECTLY FINE! You see, the whole time we were waiting in line I was secretly thinking over and over again: "Please don't let someone break into my car....please don't let someone break into my car..." and on and on. It probably wasn't the most shady part of San Francisco, but it sure was shadier than the streets of Sparks, NV. I was even bracing myself to not pee my pants when someone tried to mug me as I was putting my sleeping child into the car underneath a burnt out street light. Thank you God.

So, that's one more thing to check off of what my mom likes to call my "Bucket List" (still haven't seen that movie). Next, buying a new couch.

Thursday: road trip to Utah to visit some family I haven't seen in a few years...or more. Lord be with me. Broden did alright for the 2 1/2 hour car ride to San Francisco, but there's no telling how he'll do for an 8 hour stretch of being car seat bound. I'm thinking this time won't be as pleasant.

And I'll fill you guys in on the crib story tomorrow. I have to get some good pictures of the new one first.

Lastly, to the man who passed by me on my way to my car Sunday night....I love you too...for the mere fact that you did not mug me. Thank you.

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The Prettiest Mess You've Ever Seen said...

I sure do love your posts. It reminds me that I am not the only super mom who doesn't get naps during my days off & has a large list of to do, & still makes time for dinner ;) love ya keep on posting I check daily