Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Monday...

The plan this morning was to run errands till about lunch time, but when Vada stumbled into my room this morning she begged for today to just be a lounge day. And how can I argue with that?! After all, I am still recovering from that jerk we like to call pneumonia. And I really should use today to get stuff done around the house since the next couple weeks will be filled with time away from home:

  • Tomorrow night and most of Wednesday will be spent in Lake Tahoe with an awesome friend. Kids playing and moms enjoying Mom Talk. Don't be jealous.
  • This weekend my parents, grandparents, me & the kidlets will be heading to San Francisco. Vada and I will be attending the Ben Folds concert Sunday night and then making our way back on Monday possibly. I CANNOT WAIT!
  • Next weekend will be spent in Utah visiting family I haven't seen in years.
  • And in between all of that I will be spending time with my Arkansas grandparents (aka my dad's dad and his wife).
So there you have it: I have to get everything done today. I wonder if Harry Potter is busy and could help out with his little magic wand...?

So far this morning, I somewhat successfully reorganized our kitchen pantry to accommodate some of the do-dads that are slowly swallowing my kitchen counter. I was hoping to clear a spot to store all of Broden's baby food, but I just couldn't do it. It doesn't help that our pantry is the most odd shape in the world. Seriously, who was the genius who thought: Hey, wouldn't it be brilliant to make the pantry anything but a perfect square or rectangle?! Yes! Genius! Well Mr. Genius, I would like to point out that other than things like soup cans and peanut butter jars, just about everything sold on the grocery store shelves has two congruent sides!

My next project for this afternoon: getting my desk in the bedroom orderly and functional. I'm going to make you proud! (tear), (sniff).

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