Thursday, May 20, 2010

As Promised

Here is a glance at Broden's new crib. It's not black like I originally wanted, but that original want didn't turn out too well.

See, here's the thing, we bought a white crib from a friend of ours thinking, "We're helping the won't take much to refinish...we're helping out friends...we're saving money." Oh man, was I naive...again.

A word of advice to all future mother's out there: just register for the new crib. If no one buys it, use your gift cards to put towards it. It will save you so much time, energy and disappointment.

Back to my story. So, just a few weeks after Broden's arrival I took a piece of the crib into Home Depot and asked the man in the paint department what I would need to do to refinish the white crib in a black finish. He picked up the piece, took a good look at it and told me that all I would need is a few cans of black spray paint and the job would be done. Me: Are you sure I don't need to sand, prime, or saw anything to make sure it sticks? Him: Nope. Me: Yippy!

Ten cans later, the crib looked awesome unassembled. Then we put it together and realized that there was nothing we could do about the white plastic pieces. Sore thumb times ten! Oh well, we would just make sure that when he was in a toddler bed we would go all out and get something we really wanted. A few days later we realized that the paint was scratching off the plastic in a few big deal. It wasn't anywhere that Broden could reach. Then last week is when I noticed it. My dear little boy was mad that I didn't come rushing in fast enough to rescue him from his nap pin and decided to start chomping on the railing of the crib while screaming. As I watched his bottom teeth (his only teeth) scrape against the railing, flakes of black paint sprang off of the wood.

At that very moment I wanted to drive down to Home Depot, grab that boy by his collar and yell, "LIAR!" right in his face and make him buy me a new crib. The frustration was almost unbearable. Because now all I can think about is how I've poisoned my son with flaking spray paint. What a stupid mother! I should have known that just a couple layers of spray paint was too good to be true. Will this be held against me on judgement day?

I immediately went online to browse where I could find a safe yet cheap crib. I'm sure it's no surprise who the winner was...Ikea. For only $79 we scored a simple crib that can be converted into a toddler bed. It's not black, but that's alright. I could put a stain on it, but that's just too much work that I'm not willing to do. And I really don't need a repeat of this incident...or anything like it.

And how do you like his new little chair (Ikea)?! I thought it was too cute to pass up for only $29. And he loves it. He'll just sit in it and play with whatever toy strikes his fancy for that minute. Today, it was the drum stick.

Other items in this photo:

  • Wall Art: courtesy of Vada Snyder.
  • Blanket: One of my favorites made by one of my longest friends Lauren King.
  • Mobiles: Ikea...duh.
  • Broden: My wonderful creation! (Kyle helped)

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