Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bark....Bark, Bark, Bark

I believe my dogs are a big part of my recent insanity. I want to love them to pieces, I really do, but they can make it so hard.
Angel and her barking. This has been a problem since the day we brought her home. Okay, so dogs bark, no big deal. Comes with the territory. But Angel barks at EVERYTHING. She barks if anything resembles a knock. She barks if a door bell rings on the TV. She barks at little random noises. She barks at nothing. She barks at the closet door that was left open. EVERYTHING. A couple nights ago she was barking like mad in the backyard. I went to go yell at her knowing that it was as good as yelling at a fence for being knocked down by the wind, but I went to do it anyway. Then I realized that she was barking at a cat hanging out on top of our fence. Since she was defending her territory, I let her continue. But OH MY GOODNESS. The cat of no fear had to have been taunting Angel from up there. And when she finally grew bored of game and left, Angel continued to bark. You know, probably because that cat could be on the other side of the fence, and it's very important to let it know that she will never give up! And I am pretty convinced that cat comes by our house several times throughout the day to get a good laugh. Angel freaks out like this at least 3 times a day, and I am certain our neighbors have us on their hate list. Other than this Angel is pretty awesome.
Now for Smalls. Oh little, cute, adorable Smalls. I love you. I really do. But you are adding immensely to the madness!!!!! Sometimes he'll join in Angel's barking, although most of the time I'm sure he's laughing along with the cat. He wakes up anywhere between 3:30am and 4:30am to be let out. And if we try to ignore him, his whine reaches an entirely new level of pitch that could punch a hole right through your ear drum. Sometimes I truly believe he whines for no other reason to laugh at my angry facial expressions. And I'm sure the cat is peering in through a window laughing along with him. If Angel is doing ANYTHING, he has to ruin it. If she's chewing on a bone, he has to have that bone. If she's goes to eat after patiently waiting for Smalls to finish, he decides he's still hungry. If she is in her dog house, he wants to be in there instead (even though it's 8 sizes too small for him). If she is pooping, he'll push her out of the way so he can give it a try...nothing. He yelps outside because he wants in. He yelps inside because he wants out. He yelps in the garage because...I don't know...he's afraid of the dark? Driving. Me. Crazy. He sits and lays down on command, which I love, but we still have to work on his jumping. If he's inside, I can't leave anything on the kitchen counter that I think he'll want, because once he gets bored shredding our vertical blinds he'll move on to Broden's medicine syringe. I swear, that dog is worse than having a colicky baby. I keep telling myself: Only a few more months and he'll grow out of it. Those few more months are taking FOREVER to pass by.
I don't know why I try going back to bed after letting them out every morning before the sun rises. I will just have to get back up to let them in because Angel is barking at the wind and Smalls is scratching at my bedroom window. And once their in, Smalls starts whining because, HEY! I'M UP FOR THE DAY AND I'M GETTING BORED IN HERE. WAKE UP AND PLAY WITH ME!

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