Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Days Like These

I wanted to take this time to elaborate on my Facebook post from this morning:

Alex Snyder McClelland while sitting here completing mundane tasks at work I am fantasizing about how I would spend a day like this if I didn't have children (don't get me wrong, I love them to death) & I lived in a flat in a skyrise building overlooking a much better city than this. My lover & I would call in to work & spend the entire day in bed with each other with the ginormous windows wide open. Oh, what a wonderful day that would be.

I've never been to Seattle, but I'm guessing that if I were single and living there (or anywhere with similar weather), I would have many days such as these. Days when the rain drizzles down as the clouds cover the sun. When you look out the window of an open flat from one of the top floors of a skyrise building, everything is damp and decorated with fresh rain drops. I don't think there is anything more...romantic, for the lack of a better word.

And the reason why I would have to be single is because to keep that romantic feeling from dwindling away, you can't be woken up by your 7 year old daughter climbing into bed with you at 5:30 in the morning. You can't change a poopy diaper and still feel that tingle deep down that makes you want to put your lips all over your lovers body. And even if you send your kids off to grandma and grandpa's house the night before, you still feel that guilt deep down for not spending your day off with them. You still think about how, before the day is over, you have to wash your daughters team shirt for practice the next day, and if you don't wash the dirty bottles in the sink then you're going to regret it at 5 the next morning.

Please know this: I love my children more than ANYTHING! And there are times when I seriously have to stifle the urge to just take a bite out of their cheeks. But I've had a child present in my life since I was 18, so I know nothing about a life on my own of which I have no one to worry about except for myself. So, it's nice to fantasize every now and then about what my years following high school and college would have been like if I wasn't just another Teen Pregnancy statistic. And from what I've been told, I'm not the only one, so I don't feel so bad. Hear that Vada? It's not that I don't love you...I'm just a normal mother! Ever since you were born you have been the center of my universe. And ever since Broden was born, you both share that spot. I would not for all the money in the world change the fact that I have you two in my life.

That being said, lets get back to that fantasy of mine. So after waking up to the scene described above (which by the way, we wouldn't even have to get out of bed to see because the wall opposite the bed is just one giant window...floor to ceiling), I would get out of bed slowly so as not to wake up my slumbering love, walk softly into the bathroom to quietly brush my teeth, put on some make-up, manage my bed head and freshen up in other ways that aren't quite as pleasant to talk about, and crawl slowly back into bed. I would then proceed to gently kiss my sweet awake, and then for the rest of the day we would do things that only my imagination can know about. Phones turned off after calling in to work to tell them we won't be in till tomorrow morning. Getting out of our luxuriant bed only for those things absolutely necessary.

Alright, I better get going before things get out of hand.

Enjoy this delightfully dull weather of a day fellow citizens of the Reno area.


Renée said...

I LOVE RAINY DAYS!!! And yes Seattle is beautiful!!!

Jim Snyder said...

So I read the whole page, but didn't want to leave individual comments on each heading. I like reading your stuff because it makes me LAUGH! You do a great job of it!
Anyway, I love your imagination. I think it is absolutely necessary to keep 'the carrot' dangling in front of you in order to maintain one's sanity. Having an idea of what you'd enjoy in life, real or imaginary, keeps the spark fired up for a successful future! Kudos to you for that.
Your family is AWESOME! And I'm very proud to be a wonderful part of that! I am very blessed to have you, Kyle, Vada and Broden (now Kody too) in my life. Praise God for such fantastic gifts!
Anyway, keep up the great work and I'll be waiting for the next 'episode' on your blog. Love ya bunches! dad.