Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Papa Tomato stomps on Baby Tomato and said, "Ketchup!"

Man, I’m not doing too hot with this whole ‘blog once a week’ thing. Due to this fact, let’s play a little game of catch up.

I would first like to share in my good news that puts to rest all of those nightmares I’ve been having the past few weeks. That’s right folks, I’m NOT pregnant. Woohoo! I couldn’t be happier to need a tampon in my entire life. Too bad I have to wait one more stinkin’ month to get the IUD put in place because my doc is on vacation. Why is it that doctors are always on vacation when you need them?
Two weeks ago we traveled on down to Phoenix, AZ. It was wonderful to be able to skip around in shorts and flip flops all day. While there we took in a little Spring Training game that resembled more of a college frat party than an actual baseball game. Note: lawn seats for one of the first spring training games of the season with 4 kids isn’t the best of ideas. And from the eyes of a teenage boy: it’s great to be in a place that gets so hot that the women practically wear nothing. I’m pretty sure there were something like 3 girls who stepped over our blanket who had a good ½ inch of their rumps hanging out the bottom of their shorts. You then look around to see about 50 male human species adjusting their belts. Tsk tsk.
We spent an afternoon riding motorized toys. Yes, I am now in trouble. Anyone who would like to pitch in money to buy Kyle an ATV for his birthday: make sure you pitch in enough to buy the whole thing, because I’m not going to be held responsible for buying him the toy that cracks his skull in half. We also shared in the Jesturz experience at Theatre 168. Even the kids had a good laugh. UNICORNS!

On the plane ride home, when Broden decided he was going to try to gnaw off Kyle’s finger, we discovered that he is finally cutting his first tooth! I’m pretty sure Vada had something like 3 teeth at his age, but to each his own right…? I believe this would be the reason behind the pea green projectile vomit and the spinning head, but I could be wrong. Move over Bear Jew, teething tablets and Tylenol are his new best friends.
This past weekend was spent in San Francisco. My cousin Taylor chose to spend her Spring Break with us, so we figured we would make the weekend worth while by taking her to a place she has never been before. My mom thought the Men’s Club was a little inappropriate, so we settled with San Fran. We had as much fun as a group of nine, which includes an infant and three other children under the age of 15, could have in a single day of San Franciscoan. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t enjoy waking up with the sun and driving 4 hours to a destination and then driving that same 4 hours back the very next day. Oh, and did I mention that there was infant involved? Oh man, a blast I tell you!

In between vacations, laundry, wiping up puppy pee and laying down the line, Kyle and I have been working on getting Vada and Broden’s bedroom looking more like…well…a bedroom. Vada insisted on dark walls, so we settled on a grey. The ceiling was going to be a powder blue, but the longer it remains white, the more I’m thinking we’ll just leave it alone. Two weekends ago my mom and I made a trip to Sacramento, planned specifically for outlet mall and Ikea shopping madness. That was the trip that their bedroom depended on. Now, when I can spare an extra minute or ten, I am dead set on getting everything put together and in order. Though, I will admit now, that dark of a grey may have been a bit overboard, but what’s done is done. The thing that is going to take me the longest is picking out throw pillows for Vada that pull in the colors from Broden’s bedding, which is still in the works. Come on mom…you don’t have that much on your plate, how about getting that bedding started? OMG! I’m kidding! Don’t shoot me!
And I would like to give a shout out (yes, a shout out – I am getting more and more lame by each passing moment) to my amazingly awesome supervisor Renee! This woman has been so understanding over this past month or so. Well actually, since the day I sold my soul to SF, but now is when I’m REALLY noticing it. She has put up with my venting, let me bail out early and take longer lunches for my gaggle of appointments and such that I’ve had these past few weeks, and she tolerates the idiotic mistakes I make because my brain is on another planet being attacked by evil aliens.

And do you remember that dog that nearly caused my thumb to be amputated? HEART Well, it cost $316 to get her teeth cleaned. That’s right. The dog that bit me. The incident that has had an amazing snowball effect. One of which I could not have even imagined. One of which I would not be surprised if it turned into an avalanche. One of which may leave me frozen and burried underneath 2 miles of snow and ice.
Back to the more pleasant things in life: not only has Broden began to cut his first tooth, he has also started crawling. Like, officially crawling. Hands and knees. He has yet to gain the speed of a cheetah, but I know that’s not far off. He has also learned how to click his tongue. He does it at those moments when an adult would start to hum or twiddle their thumbs. Those moments when nothing too exciting is going on, so he has to entertain himself in some way shape or form. At first I just thought he was making the “sound” of clicking his tongue, only with his lips. But once I looked closer…Behold! The Tongue Clicker. And this Tongue Clicker isn’t satisfied in the arms just anyone. Oh no. If I am in the room I better be holding him, or else the roof will cave in and the walls will crumble to the ground. Yes, this does make me get a little gushy deep inside, but sometimes I could benefit from having 2 free hands. Like when I’m trying to cook dinner or when getting ready for work in the mornings. I’m actually surprised that his rear hasn’t adjoined to my forearm yet, or his belly to my left breast.
Vada is the most awesomest 7-year-old of all the awesome 7-year-olds in the world. The other day, while straightening up the dining room table, I took a glance inside her journal (yes folks, I’m starting it already). And this is what I read: “My dad can be such a jerk sometimes,” “My mom thinks I’m her slave,” “I love a-boy-whose-name-shall-remain-unknown-by-everyone-but-Kyle-and-I,” “People ruin my life on accident.” Do I have my hands full with her or what?! I’m looking forward to every minute of it. She is ten times more excellent with Broden than I ever thought she would be. She scored a 41 out of 41 on her last math test. Her top 3 career choices are artist, that girl that makes pencils out of recycled money and denim jeans, and a lawyer. (I’m still holding out for brain doctor.) And her wit is astounding. I couldn’t be more proud.
Oh, and by the way, we are now the official guardians of a 16-year-old boy who just so happens to be my charming brother-in-law who often displays the symptoms of a typical teenage boy. I’m pretty fond of our relationship though and have confidence in the hope that I can teach him how to properly wash dishes, sweep and mop the floor, change a baby’s diaper, and disinfect a bathroom. Say what? Oh, thanks. My Prayers are with me too.

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Thanks for the "Shout Out" Alex, but I think you are pretty awesome too!!