Monday, February 15, 2010


Bear Jew.

Broden is still too young to have an emotional attachment to anything but his hands, but I think if he does form an attachment Bear Jew may just be it.

He received Bear Jew as a "Hey, Welcome to this World" gift from an awesome family at church, the Youngbloods. A few little tykes at church have an attachment similar to this, and I'm beginning to think we could possibly form a children's cult where they are all lug around these blankies with animal heads attached, chant something absurd that no one can really make out, and as they grow older we can teach them how to whip people with their stuffed blanket buddies.

At bedtime, when we don't forget him at my parents house, we tuck Bear Jew under Broden's left arm (he will only sleep on his stomach, the world would end if we laid him on his back) and he pulls him close to his face while sucking violently on his pass (NOT a binkie). Throughout the night he ends up losing hold of Bear Jew, but as long as he is there when he is falling asleep then we're all good.

When Bear Jew has decided to spend the night at my parents house instead, we have to try to bunch up enough of his blanket to shove underneath his left arm in an attempt to trick him, but I'm pretty sure if he could talk he'd be saying, "I'm not stupid mom! Is this really starting already?! GIVE ME BEAR JEW!"

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